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its too dang late to color anything in

whats the point of drawing garfield

u must draw.. through fire and flame

I'm really upset right now. It's the 50th day and I forgot to turn on my timelapse recording when I started drawing :(. I have it for all other 49 days :(

Never Draw Tired

Question: Do I grow the most as an artist doing many shorter drawings??

The total time is a bit longer too, so it's more raw draw time

5 min per cell (sketch + ink)

coloring and touchups afterwards!

its late and im tired but we have a garfield to do

my schedule been a little whack past few days, the next evolution of garf coming soon

finally found a picture of his back


A submission by leafo for Daily Art

garf is hungry. feed the garf

Im away from home using crappy non-screen tablet.. luckily beat up garf doesn't need smooth lines

Do you feel safe at home?

BTW deployed some updates today, tell me if you spot any bugs or have any requests

drawing takes too long jeeze how do people do this

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