2 minute garfield sketches, trying to start with smooth pen and get good lines instead of sketching on top of rough lines (as u can see.. its very hard)

leafo · 15 days ago

colors were done after the 2 minute sketches!

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does garfield look like a quitter?? 1988-4-15

made a pencil brush in azpainter

level 50 artist reporting for duty

I AM afraid of drawing. I always put it off to last minute before bed. It's holding back my artistic development

time to check out the other pages of the how to draw garfield book

5 minute full body sketches then tried some cleanup afterward

A submission by leafo for Daily Art

I finished all the draw garfield tutorials in my "How to draw Garfield" book. The question I have to answer: if I draw other garfield characters.. does that count for drawing garfield? I think I'd have to draw both for it to count

I think I gotta change up my strategy... less time per garfield.. more garfield

also I traced over my sketch on the wrong layer and spent a ton of time with the erase tool :(

holy smokes this may be my magnum opus

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