gonna take a break from reading jojo manga otherwise every guy i draw is gonna look like this for the rest of my life

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A re-attempt at something....

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

here i'll post later

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll stick with this design but meh maybe I’ve been staring at it too long


A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

I still haven’t really settled on a hairstyle but I like the gnarly scar he has

Throwing down character ideas based on descriptions I’ve written. The only one that’s gonna stick with certainty is the first and maybe the last one...

I had a really stressful day and work and it’s killing my creative vibe

Edit: ash helped me color correct and crop this picture

i've tossed around the idea of creating a fire emblem inspired game for a while, but back then i told myself that i wouldn't be able to do it. we have access to too much technology and resources for me to keep being a quitter, so. I've decided to take this idea as far as I can.

with this in mind, I tried designing one of the main lords for the game. not quite satisfied with it, but it's a start

i'm very nervous and uncertain, but what do i have to lose? (except motivation i guess, lol)

i'm up to scheming again, here's an old character idea i'm reworking
edit: took better pictures with better lighting

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art

Still trying to figure out what I want to draw now

mulling on some things

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Make art every day, how long can you last?

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