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Behead Them

A submission for ZeeDRAW 13

Flight from London to Baltimore today. It was smooth, but never again please.

Since I've spent most of the day preparing for my trip to Baltimore, I only managed to get off a couple of sketches in a café this morning.

Took the flight back to London today. So I decided to draw some pegasi and flying pigs. I really should get back to something more anthro since that's the type of anatomy I want to learn. Gotta work on my perspective too.

Going to conventions with a sketchbook is kind of cool. I just spend all downtime drawing and the place is swarming with other artists to get feedback and talk about techniques. Dino really helped me out today.

I should conserve some space in my small sketchbook, what I did today with one-character-per-page was kind of awful.

Felt like trying to draw some faces today, went with anthro-esque style because human faces are hard. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

I really didn't manage to draw a lot of things. Just continued with some hands and a body sketch that was so bad I'm deciding not to post it.

Today was not so great. Since I needed to pack my shit and head to Greame's place I barely had any time to draw. I promise myself tomorrow will be better. I do got a whole flight to spend drawing about it.

"The Bean"

A submission for ZeeDRAW 6

Today I learned about a technique for drawing gesture called "The Bean" at a youtube channel called Proko. I used it in conjunction with a neat little life drawing service featuring lots of cool poses by nude or dressed female and male models.

I've also been experimenting with hands since Chloe referred me to Milt Kahl.

Besides that I've been looking in to life drawing events in London. Turns out there is one pretty close to where I live which is run in a strip club. What I find a little funny, is that because of the life-drawing events, they've got student discount on entering the club.

I had a stab at drawing the skeletal structure above the torso. Some googling around and I now know the name of a few bones.

Since my colleague Duncan is a recreational dancer, he usually strike pretty good poses in the office. Tried to capture some of his gestures at lunch today.

Other than that I managed to capture a few interesting ones on the tube.

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