Some architecture things. More tomorrow!

More submissions by snailtendo for Daily Art Club

More unfinished studies. Still working on edges, so hopefully I can apply that to these tomorrow (´・_・`)

Accidentally slept for almost the whole day, I have officially broken my 3 day streak of waking up at 6am ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

Some more primitive shading practice aaa

Some quick primitives light and shadow practice
Still working on the transitions!

From non-study things today!

  1. A road
  2. Confusing Simon Stalenhag inspired sketch-thing
    I had no idea how to shade this one x⸑x

Another messy mountain today. Will try to do more things tomorrow!

Woo finally posting before midnight! Today's things are more studies, original art by Oga Kazuo! The application is a WIP not in the picture.

Update on stickk, I really like it!! I'm making another commitment for this week and raising the penalty.

Some value film still studies! These are from Kiki's Delivery Service. The last one is my own inspired by the other 3!

Today's things! Some imagined architecture things! Oh and I think I found a solution to my laziness. (:3」∠)
I started using Stickk yesterday! Just testing it for the weekend

Attempting a plant study
Hopefully I can finish this one 🙀

Late submit because I fell asleep before posting!! Which is exciting!!! Hopefully that fixes my sleep at least a little

Anyways, here's the final thing I've been drawing these past few days. I think it turned out pretty nice!! I have finally made a decent mountain/rock kinda thing guys

I found one of my older tablets which is slightly broken but still usable ;u;
Happy that I don't have to buy a new one for a while

Continuation of yesterday!! And an update, there is definitely a problem with either my computer or my tablet nooooo 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I wish I could've added more but the pen is super laggy and the buttons don't work so I did most of this with the straight line tool & my mouse and it turned out pretty good?? An unexpected upside

Hopefully though with some more googling there's a fix bc I'm too broke to buy a new thing ヘ(。□°)ヘ

Oof just this really early sketch for re-do of a study I did a few days ago. I haven't been really putting enough time into art this past week, partly because of my sleep schedule but mostly cause I've been pretty distracted with other non-important things. 😱 Also my tablet hasn't been working well since this morning, I'm not sure if it's broken or not?? But yes, here are my thoughts behind today's entry! Aiming for a better day tomorrow

Today's study!! The trees on the mountain was the biggest of struggles

Sorry for the super overexposed image! 😱 Some experimental editing things happened in between and forgot to save

Today's study! Gonna try and sleep early so I don't wake up so late 😱

Today's study! Still unsure how to do a bunch of things, but I think today's turned out pretty good :D

Some quick film studies! The bottom 2 are mine I made based on the ones on top

Another study attempt 😱 (WIP)

Today's things!

  1. Some architecture practice! From the left is one from reference & the other 3 from a different angle. On the right are two ref-ed structures.
    2.An environment study! I think this one is better than yesterday's, but the water got me, whoops
  2. Composition studies from My Neighbor Totoro
  3. Attempt at thumbnail compositions based on the prev. comp studies

An attempt at replicating this landscape!! Landscapes & painting them are a super weak spot for me

I think a big mistake for this one was that I used a hard chunky brush (I used it to sketch, but it carried over to the final thing, whops) for everything and then used a soft cloud brush for the clouds. Also, I felt like the painting process or at least the feeling of the whole study feels more like markers rather than painting, so I'm trying to wrap my head around that. :0 Also, the details of a landscape always get to me. Hopefully I can approach it differently tomorrow!

Some Asian-ish styled architecture! Did you know they're called pagodas? :0

The first row are quick sketches from reference and the rest are mine! It was pretty tiring drawing the same type of building and trying to make them different, but somewhat fun too!

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