I run a lot, and occasionally make games.

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Getting my feet wet with Krita. Not exactly art, but relieved I got something on the page.

Animated a walk cycle for a character I drew in Inkscape using Spine. (This is actually the second attempt.)

Walking is a surprisingly complicated motion!

Trying to learn inkscape. Followed a few tutorials, including this one: http://tuts.ahninniah.graphics/inkscape-tutorials-...

Here's the end result!

Concluded with a barefoot sunset park run. It's been a great month! I'm ready for cross country season.

Still getting use to minimal shoes. (MY CALVES!)

Getting really close to the end of this!

I've been really, really tight in my legs since yesterday. 3 or 4 miles, but mostly on grass.

I kind of ran today - jogged down a forest trail doing track exercises. (High kicks, high knees, butt kicks, A/C skips, etc.)

Didn't run nearly far enough today - I'm breaking in new shoes! Got a new pair of Merrell's (a minimalist shoes). They feel weird!

Woke up just after 6am. Got an early start, barefoot.

See the attached photo!

Not feeling that great today. 20ish minute run at sunset - sorry for the late submit!

Ran along the beach. (and then into the beach - low tide perks!) Got a little bit lost on the way back, so I actually ended up going pretty far. Got to see the sun set. Also, did the whole run (even roads) barefoot!

Ran 30ish minutes feeling like crap most of the way - I think I have a cold.

Sorry for the late submit, and for missing yesterday - it was the last day of my summer internship, so I was busy with work-related stuff until after the sun went down.

Half-way through the challenge! Let's go.

Ran through the park to a Staples store to buy super glue. (Long story.)

Good times!!

Shorter run, slower pace. No stairs today. Had some stomach problems - never fun! Ran right at sunset. (The sky was SO orange!!)

Ran 25 streets down the river, 25 streets up the river. Then sprinted up 11 flights of stairs. WOOT!

(sorry for the late submit - I gotta get more consistent.)

Did a slow-interval workout entirely barefoot on grass and a bit of gravel. Working on keeping my toes pointed forward, not outward, and on keeping my back straight and shoulders relaxed.

Went a little easier after yesterday. Still a good distance, but lower pace.

By the way, it's been a whole week! Only 1 day missed so far.

Submitting this a few days late - been busy!

Missed day 5 because of family commitments. (Doh!)

Went really hard today a long distance, with a focus on breathing. Getting my stride back!

Not sure how far I went. Felt like a long time. (At least 40 minutes.)

Working on running with my feet pointing straight instead of outward.

Let's go day 4!

Felt kind of sick today, so took a slower pace. Still ran, though!

3 Days in!

Feeling better! Trying to get into barefoot running.

Still getting back into shape. Aiming to be ready for cross country preseason, which starts August 28th.

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