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bad output but will have more time tomorrow.

This is all I did today T^T .

Didn't do much today, spend all day watching del toro movies. Had a good time :)

Another day and no art but some code course progress. Finished this math quiz-type game. But I think I need to step it up a bit.

Mostly procrastinated today and did get any drawing done. But I did manage to finish the text game skeleton based on the course. So..yay?

Made some progress in the unity2d course. Started working on the text adventure section. Not a lot of art progress watched a video but did not actually draw, will do it tomorrow.

I started doing two courses, one about 2d game development in Unity and the second one is about 2d art. I guess all I can show for a while is progress in the courses, so here it is. Hopefully ill get to some real game dev soon.

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