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The three-guitar thing continues. I didn't start this one until late Friday night with the initial melody, chords, and counterpoint. Then Saturday and Sunday I wrote responses to those. While I think I'm due for a change in direction, this one developed in a way consistent with recent ones, though the (simple) chords seem a bit stronger.

Three tracks of PureSalem Mendiola (bridge, neck, both pickups) direct into the UA Volt 1, sometimes with the "vintage" circuit engaged. Some convolution reverb and Wide&Warm compression/eq preset on the stereo out.

The title comes from the minor planet 502 Sigune.

For this week, I'd thought of doing something with bass and percussion to switch things up a bit. Having put down some MIDI drums and tabla, the bass parts were suggestive of some guitar I added two tracks of PureSalem Mendiola for something more fully arranged than recent pieces.

There's EQ-8 on the bass to roll off low end, and a touch of M4L humanizer and M4L velocity randomizer on drums. Everything gets a bit of send to convolution reverbs, and there's the usual Wide&Warm preset for compression/eq on the stereo.

The title comes from Octoraro Lake, over which PA-472 travels.