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Three tracks of fingerpicked Danelectro baritone guitar, with kind Elizabethan vibe, maybe? No effects, but some convolution reverb.

The title comes from the asteroid 515 Athalia.

Kind of an intense week on a number of fronts. The slowness of this piece is a bit of a reaction to that, an attempt to maintain a bit of quiet and space. Guitar: 1960s Univox hollow body (likely a Coily model), tuned in a variant of John Fahey's C tuning. (His was CGCGCE; this is B F# B F# B C#.) Three tracks, just a bit of convolution reverb. A touch of grit from the UA Volt 1.

The title comes from the minor planet 496 Gryphia.

Much of my free time over the last week has been directed toward migrating my websites to a new cloud instance, which also (due to the age of the codebase) means redeveloping them. So it's a work in progress.

Even so, I found some time to track a little guitar-and-pedal-steel thing. PureSalem Mendiola and no-name 10-string 1970s pedal steel in E9 tuning. There's the usual convolution reverb and mastering plugin, but otherwise no funny stuff.

The title comes from the minor planet 489 Comacina.