Submissions by Kooda Loutre tagged vector

Some color tweaking and tests with rotations (which led to this trippy drunk mode).

Transitions is both directions, with tiny tweak of the interpolation.

Code for pulsations and better color flip.

Little refactoring.

Prettified the gameover screen and added some transitions! Looks nice now. :)

Not a lot happened, I added a simple game-over screen from which you can restart playing (before that the game was just quitting, ugh).

I also reorganized the code a bit, it seems cleaner and I’m quite happy with how it looks.

Hi there! Joining back

I've been working on a Super Hexagon clone for a library I'm making.

Today I implemented a wall pattern system along with two patterns for it.

I still have to improve it before I make more patterns.

Here you can find the relevant commits:

Also, have some spiral pattern screenshots! ♥