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Just some more server plumbing stuff on NodeJS.
Javascript has been pissing me off lately been contemplating some stuff using c modules to do the heavy lifting.

Though I'm not sure how much of a bitch it is to get NodeJS to play nice with those.

Thought I would try another paint over throwing in some compisite first in the form of a dragon.

The basic map generator framework and ascii printer is in place.

The login and signup logic is all done as well as the tokenizer.

The tokenize was just a bit more complex because I wanted it to compound braces and serialize a bunch of stuff.

So I've been really sick which means a huge broken streak.

Got back to it today. Did a bunch of Javascript on my exporter and converter as part of ripping WordPress from my site and switch to static gen.

Also some work on my Kingdom Bot

So I've been really sick lately. So huge broken streak.

So I dusted off the GGJ15 code and looked at it and started working on an idea for an IRC bot/game I have.

Partly influenced by the Playbot work I've been doing.

I should go back to pen its nice to work away from PC for a while

Double dipping on this one. I coded up a simple Unity Tutorial and made a video... which per my normal style has a lot of doodles :P

so doodled the best I could on my phone

drawing on the bus is shaky

Pretty much the bulk of the mobile UI work is done. Need to hook it up tomorrow but thats a simple copy and paste of the code from the old client. Should hook in pretty clean. Though I've figured I'm going to process the data more in the DB than depend on the client because some text transforms are easier to perform than others.

Couldn't focus this morning so really not happy with the poses. I think when I draw them at smaller scale I get better results.

More Cards UI mobile work nothing fancy.
Coding on the bus is actually my saviour in terms of squeezing some code in even to busy days.


A submission for Code @Home 11

So I converted PlayBot blackjack to NodeJS into GameBot.

Also fixed some issues PlayBot

Also god damn unicode in Javascript caused me a bunch of issues.

Trawled imgur for a random ref and found these sky puppes,

Which resulted in this doodle.

Had my wisdom teeth removed but before the drugs made me a happy drugged and in pain person I did some IRSSI plugin work to make alllll the emoji. Small but glad I got something done today.

Yeah my figure drawing is terrible but I feel like this exercise was more productive.

SO been doing a lot of front end work for the mobile web client for my cards against humanity inspired game.

Mostly just html & css so hardly coding but its required to get the project moving forward. The placeholder UX is getting in the way of further dev work.

Quick doodle while watching YouTube

Want to get cards into our IRC bot.

Finished up yesterdays coding and commited it with a pull request for callidus to check out.

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