Trawled imgur for a random ref and found these sky puppes,

Which resulted in this doodle.

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Thought I would try another paint over throwing in some compisite first in the form of a dragon.

So I've been really sick lately. So huge broken streak.

I should go back to pen its nice to work away from PC for a while

Double dipping on this one. I coded up a simple Unity Tutorial and made a video... which per my normal style has a lot of doodles :P

so doodled the best I could on my phone

drawing on the bus is shaky

Couldn't focus this morning so really not happy with the poses. I think when I draw them at smaller scale I get better results.

Yeah my figure drawing is terrible but I feel like this exercise was more productive.

Quick doodle while watching YouTube

Rushed while watching British Sewing Bee. Terrible but hopefully it gets better.

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