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Imagine a world in which you are living just as you are now. Going to work on the dark and dirty train, seeing the same faces you don't want to see, reading the same page in a book over and over again because your attention span is weakening, the rain drenching that new pants you like, your children staring at you like you're a foreigner, ending the night lying in your cold sheets wondering how your life got like this. You did everything a text book human being is required to do; schooling, university, get a good job, be wealthy at some point, get married, have children. Instead you have a dead end degree that you haven't use for twenty years and you work in a crappy desk job, bowing to your bosses every need. Your wife left you four years ago, and you see your kids once a year. Life is trash. You did everything you thought was right. But somehow, it just turned around and laughed at you.

Imagine a world in which you wish you lived in. Animals live in union with magical creatures. People live freely, nakedly, and the land is their work. They watch over our world, care for us, and make sure our world is in perfect balance. But something went wrong in their world, and its effecting yours. But only you can fix this. You don't know this yet.

One day, you're taking the train, as always, but everything just seems to stop. No one is talking anymore and you can't feel the rails beneath the train anymore. No one is moving, but you. You look around puzzled for a moment, before getting to your feet and wondering around.

"Hello?" You call out a few times. No one moves, or responds. At this point you think you're going crazy; you wouldn't be surprised if you were.

As you're walking the aisles, gazing upon the people in their frozen states, you notice something moving finally. A hand, small and pale, was reaching straight through the glass as if it was made of water. You hear a child's giggle, before you head a woman's voice say "Oh god, Lacy, what have you done."

You jog up to the window and peer out of it. Nothing, just the wall of a tunnel. You rest your hand upon the glass, and another hand seemingly appears from thin air, and rests on the other side, mimicking you. You press down and instead of feeling pressure, your hands goes straight through the glass. You can't breathe. What is happening?

Another force pushes your hand back through, so this time you pop your head through. Oh my goodness. A train, almost mirrors the one you're on, but its full of greenery and the little girl of whom your hand touch was dressed in a bears skin. The woman's voice was paired with a lady wearing a rabbit mask, cradling a...oh my god. You pull you head back through. Was that a wolf? But he seemed to be bathed in a galaxy. His fur was dressed like the milky way.

As you recompose yourself, the lady with the bunny mask pops her head through.

"Oh my god. Wait, you're the one they were talking about!" She looks around the train and sees everyone frozen.

"You're world won't stop moving again unless you come to ours and fix the time." She breathes, grabbing at my collar. I'm hesitant at first, but maybe this is the release I was looking for? She looks at me with wide, doe-like eyes.

"Please. Come through. We were told if someone from your side could see us that you were the one."

I breathed heavily and looked around my train. I hated this place, why was I hesitating? The other world or whatever it was could be the thing I was hopelessly searching for. The thing that my brain told me I would never find, the thing that I never deserved.

"What do I need to do...over there?"

"We have been have problems with our time. The sun sets at the strangest of times, or doesn't come up at all. Everyone has been getting sick. People are dying. Something is plaguing us here and we don't know what to do. Our King, he told us someone foreign would suddenly be able to see us, since we watch over your world, but none of you see us doing so. We are your keepers. We make your world balanced. And then Lacy was watching you, like she doesn't every morning, she noticed you had stopped your time. We need you. Plea-"

Just as she was talking I dropped my bag on the floor, took off of suit jacket. You began to clamber through this watery portal to another life or another world either temporarily, but you was hoping permanently.

As you step through, all of the magical and colourful beings sitting on the other side gazed at you; some looked happy and some looked scared. And then they cheer. They all ran up to you and embraced you. They were speaking of how you are their savior and that finally they will be rescued. You finally feel needed. You feel at home. You feel a hand tug on your pants. Looking down, you see Lacy's little face staring up at you.

"Welcome home."

'Conundrum' is an intense story game. I would us the term 'game' extremely loosely as its gameplay could be compared to 'Until Dawn', 'Beyond: Two Souls' and 'The Walking Dead (Telltale)'. Some would consider it as a playable or interactive movie. It is a beautiful story of adventure and escaping a repetitive life to save another's. With an art style reminiscent to 'Until Dawn' mixed with 'My Neighbor Totoro', the dark, depressing world juxtaposed with this colourful land will trigger emotions in most players. With your help, you can reverse the virus inside of the opposite world. Inherit magical abilities from mages, travel, protect and learn. This game is sure to woo story lovers and art admirers.

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I've been training for this day my entire life. Running on the wind, everyday for almost nineteen years. I put myself through trials every morning through night just to get to a good point; then do it all again the next day. And now, the trials are tomorrow, and I get to show myself and my powers to the world.

Wind running is an ancient art, only taught by very prestigious people to very few children. You are hand-picked by the council to be trained. And then on said trainee's nineteenth birthday, they are examined and placed into a faction of windrunners; fighters, defenders or null. God forbid you get in null. That means they are taking you out of training and rebuking your powers.

I want to be a defender.

'Wind Runners' is an endless runner game with obstacles and missions in which the player must beat those on the leaderboards and be the best wind runner in the world!


I've lived at the waters edge for my entire life. My grandmother told me to whisper to them when I get lonely and that one day, they might whisper back. I believed her, even though my mother thought her crazy. The waters were calming and energetic all at once. They brought peace and quiet to my ever bustling mind.

I heard crying one day on the riverbed. I thought a child may have fallen in, but no one was around. I gazed at the smooth sheet of water for a while, and then I whispered to it.

"Why are you crying? The waves shouldn't cry. Not when they are as beautiful as you."

"I'm sorry, I had thought you forgot of me." The waves stuttered back.

Before I could reply, a long head emerged from the waters, the head of a magnificent dragon.

"I've been waiting for you, little one." He spoke.

"As have I."

'Whispered Water' is an eerie and calming game in which the player inherits herself a water dragon. You must protect and journey the lands in order to find the water dragons rightful home.


This box is so small, and it hurts my back. I've been in here for...days? Maybe. I'm not too sure. They put me in here because I killed a few people. They roll an egg into the box every so often in torture, because they know I can't get it.

Breathing is getting hard. I didn't know I was claustrophobic. Not until now. I smell too. Ugh, so disgusting. I would kill again for a shower.

I have to get out.

'The Dead Box' is a strategy game in which the player must try and escape their situation. You start in a box; its almost a tutorial and is quite simple. Then as you progress, it gets harder and harder; all timed of course! see how fast you can get out of the box and so on! A true test of patience and skill, this game will make the calmist of people stressed out!


I swim with my twin brother.

"I swear I'm not kidding!"

He floats wearily behind me.

"I don't know. You always lie. For all I know, you're going to drown me."

"Ted, I won't drown you. Not yet."

The both chuckled.

Sen swam forward. He had been told Ted about the monster he found; the kind monster. He had been swimming further into the caves than he should of and came across a large creature, resting in the rocks.

"Ted! Don't be a baby!"

Sen swam forward and became hidden inside the cave. Suddenly, Ted heard a second voice.

"Sen. They are looking for me. You didn't tell anyone did you?"

"No, Terr. I promise."

Ted sunk around the corner and saw a magnificent creature. It was blue and green and yellow and all other magnificent colours. It look as though someone had dipped him in a rainbow. He spoke low, and human like. He had been hiding here for years until Sen stumbled across him. He claimed he lived in another world and was banished here for winning a battle with the king. Out of shame, the king lied and sent him to Earth. But now Earths authorities, who had been trying to get a taste of Terr's world, saw him come in; and wanted him dead.

'Believe' is a game in which you play as twins Ted and Sen. Your new found friend has dissappeared and now you and your brother must find him before the evil forces kill him for being different. Plot twist; it was only just a dreeeeaaaam.


I have journeyed long and far to collect the creatures that roam our lands. Befriending them, I teach them to follow, to fight and to coexist with our kind. Before the Roamers like me, the creatures ran feral in our lands, and the good ones simply hid from the bad ones. They attack and killed many of our people, but with the Roamers, we were able to show them we could live as one and help each other.

Padnut and Roader, a whimsical sea horse and llama hybrid, follow me on my journey. They show the coexistence.

But Padnut suddenly senses something...something bad. Roader whines and doesn't want to go any further. I think I've found the creatures I am looking for; the Killers.

'Roamers' is a cute, adventure game that follows the player through a area based story in which you must create peace in every sector. It is a pretty chill game with awesome and colourful aesthetics, sure to please a wide range of players.


I've been in this prison for twelve years. My mother has died here, and my brother has died here; and now it is my time. Our family committed the ultimate crime, which we really didn't commit, but we were told if we didn't own up to it they would kill us. And now we have to face death anyway.

The world is going to shit. The prisons are overrun so they send us out to play 'games' with the other inmates. They government reduces their prisoners, and they make money too.

The game; fight to the death. Goal; destroy all players.

'Destroy All Players' is a Death Race/Hunger Games/Gamer inspired game in which up to ten players are released into an arena for a strategical, real time, fight to the death. The game, designed for competitions due to the fact it can take days to win, is an intense, hyper realistic VR experience. Hide, fight, wait it out; its all on you.


I am an alien to these people, and aliens are scum. I was sent here to be trained and broken and rebuilt my mother said. They needed more of my kind on the enemy lines. Yeah, that's because they don't want to risk the pure-bloods, so they'll send my kind instead.

The Land War has been ongoing for years. And people are die on all sides and nothing is coming of it. As much as I am shunned, I will become the ruler. I will restore peace. I will fix things and teach these people that I am no alien, but they are.

Laas, one of the largest cities still standing, is where I plan to rule. I have formed an underground rebellion, who fall to their knees as I walk by. We will rule. No one can stop us.

'Overlooks' is a strategy game in which you must choose the right things in order to become the leader of the lands and put an end to the war. Strategy is a massive mechanic, as one wrong turn can send any player back to the bottom.


The year is 4000. The world has not been itself for more than a thousand years. It's all about survival; a fight of the fittest. You've been raised under the harsh rays of sun, coarse sands and the darkest of nights. And now, your mother has been slain.

It is up to you, Saskee, to avenge your mother, whilst trying not to be killed yourself. It is a crazy world out there, and there are crazy people living in it with all sorts of crazy weapons.

'A Beginners Guide to Not Getting Killed' is a gory, horror-filled story of which you must try and evade death. With a death counter much like Unfair Mario, this game which involves the player attempting to pass through hundreds of levels unscathed, will make ever player made and some screens may be broken in the process.


I was born into a family of hunters and leaders. My place was to learn, below my father. He was a king to these people. He looked after them, and watched over the land we lived in. Our family were the natural born slayers and hunters of the lands and I was to be the next. I was the first female to be born into this bloodline in over 200 years. Apparently there is a prophecy stating I am meant to save the people from a threat beyond our wildest thoughts. So my father has sent me to train, to learn and to be protected.

But one day, amidst my regular trainings, my teacher seemed a little off. I knew what he was, or at least what had happened. My senses were heightened. He had been turned. A vampire.

I did only what my instincts told me. I walked behind him and ripped off his head, obviously.

'The Many Ways to Kill A Beast' is the story of a fortunately unfortunate beast slayer Nyree. She is young, determined and strong; and also the prophet. Guide her through her many quests and the lands are overrun with hundreds of crazy and cruel beasts. This extremely gory and relentless game will be sure to entertain many.


I've known Here since I was a child. He greets me in the morning, waves goodbye as I fall asleep, and most of all he protects me. I don't know why Here is with me, but he tells me it is because I need protecting.

It is my eighteenth birthday and all I am is tired. Here is nowhere to be found. I am just sitting on my porch, watching the trees rustle in the wind. It seems as though it is far too quiet for my neighbourhood of which is usually bustling with activity. I see a black car on the road at the end of my porch; it had driven past a few times now. Then it is gone.

Here hasn't wished me a happy birthday yet.

I stand up to go inside, but I am startled when I see a uniformed man standing next to me.

"I'm fading, Luna. I'll try to save you before I die!"

Then it all goes to black.

'I Am Here' is a game in which you play spiritual entity Here. the protector of Luna. She is destined for great things, of which neither of you know, but you were sent here to save her. But your tether has been shattered by something and Luna is missing. You can still slightly feel her near you, so you have to follow your senses and save her before your link is broken forever.

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"Dang nabbit, Dinkley. Your mums was right when she told me I had to watch out for you."

Foosebottom grabbed Dinkley's elbow and dragged him back to his feet.

"I'm sorry Fuzz, I ju-"

"It's Foose."

"-st love catching butterflies. We don't have them back home."

They both continued trotting along the broken path, Dinkley sprinting ahead at some points in excitement.

Dinkley and Foosebottom only met a week ago. Foose was looking for a companion to travel with him to Gore, so he could be crowned king. Somehow, Dinkley won. Sheer luck? Probably. This curious little kid from a valley long forgotten got paired to look after the king-to-be; but it seems rather the opposite. Dinkley just wanted to see the world, and this was his chance. Foose acted to tough about it, but he kinda loved the kids spirit. It was nice to have around.

Suddenly, a loud bang is heard. Dinkley stumbles a little before retreating to the closeness of Foose.

"Stay close, my liege." Dinkley stammered.

'Dinkley and Foosebottom' is a co-op adventure where you must travel, fight, craft and laugh your way to Gore so you can become king. Protect the king at all costs, and for god sake, don't feed Dinkley sugar.


My name is Snow. Well, that is what I call myself. I found myself out in the snow one day, and I couldn't get back. And now I have adapted myself to it. I grew up here. I don't remember the world I lived in before, and I try not to. I can hunt, I can swim and I can live. I know my way around the snow and the mountains.

I see something big in the sky, and I know it sees me. It has blades and it smells of flames. They want to take me back. I don't want to go; this is all I know.

They grab me by my wrists, they tell me its okay, they will help me. I try to shake them off. They say the cold has gotten to my head.

Help me.

'Snow Hacker' is a game about survival and losing your home. Play as the protagonist, only known herself as Snow. Fight your way through people trying to take you from your home and rediscover the world outside.


When I was nine, my mother was sucked into space. I don't remember by who, but I remember how and when. I was out in the paddocks, feeding the ducks old bread. My mother watched me from the deck and waved. As I waved back, a ship of forms appeared so violently and swiftly, I didn't have time to reach her before she vanished along with them.

Ever since, I have studied to become an astronaut; it is the only way I will legally get to space. I am now twenty-nine. I am about to fly my first ship. NASA thinks I am going to Mars, but I reprogrammed the travel route. My mothers phone somehow still picked up in space, and I have some coordinates that place her in the middle of blankness. And I will find her. She's somewhere out there.

'Somewhere Out There' is a journey following protagonist Benjamin. A game inspired by the mechanics in 'Until Dawn' the quicktime event game, with thousands of possible story routes, is bound to make the tears flow.

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I get really angry easily. It's always small things too, stupid things. And I just kind of blow up into this really frustrating person that people can't be around. I turn into a black hole that sucks up everything around me and destroy it. I just get really really angry.

It started when I was a kid, and my dad left and my mom didn't care about anything besides my older sister. Mimi is the definition of perfect. She does those stupid pageant things and mom just swoons over them. I took martial arts to bang out some steam, tried to impress my mom with my belts. Nothing. She told me fighting was for men. That annoyed me.

One day a crazy man ran through the city, setting things on fire. I wasn't scared when he looked at me. I saw he was angry too. He told me to move, or the timber would burn around me and engulf me with it. I said I liked the distraction. Feeling something burn outside of me was better than feeling the burning inside of me. He walked over to me and scooped me up. He placed me outside. But I followed him. He didn't mind.


Grungore tattooed my body for me, he told me it makes me look scarier. I like it. It does make me look scarier. I follow Grungore around; it turns out only I understand what he says. He said it is because we are both angry, so we can hear each other. I taught him how to not set things on fire, and he taught me how to knock someone out with my pinkie finger.

'Grungore and Penelope Ruin the World' is a double player game in which the players control Grungore and Penelope and destroy the world together. Take on quests from locals and move through the country; grow your followers and contacts and eventually rule or destroy the world.

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We are of the earth. We were born of soil, the trees and the sun. The earth held us in his mighty embrace and gifted us upon the world. We come from nature.

I and my sister, birthed from the Green Lady, came to the earth to watch over it. But it is going to hell. The lands are wasted, abused. The people do not care for the lives of the plants. The space is rolled over with might machines to give way to homes for more ungrateful humans. So now we come to avenge.

The earth will rise again. Nature will please the Green Lady. Humans will not get in our way.


'Of The Earth' is somewhat of a kill everyone simulator, whilst making everything green and beautiful. Play as the vengeful twins, Twine and Tumble, the daughter of Mother and Father Earth. Avenge the earth and wipe out all humans with your nature powers and rule the world once more. Inspired by games like Plague Inc., this nature wins simulator will be sure to make players try and beat their last high score.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my body. At a young age, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, which meant I was always a bit larger and it was hard for me to lose weight. I was surrounded by magazines screaming at me to be thin. It felt like everyone else around me was beautiful and I thought that was what I needed to be. I looked in the mirror and all I saw was unhappiness. I wanted to be like those girls in the magazines.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my family. My parents were never supportive, especially now that my father had bailed on me and my three little brothers. It was hard to get to the next day. I went to school and I worked after school and in the weekends to bring money into the house. But it was never enough for my mother. I don't think she loves me. I'm a failure. She looks into my eyes as if I am my father.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my anxiety. I didn't leave my house for three days. My grandparents didn't know what was wrong with me. They kept coming in and bringing me food I would never eat. They asked me if I need an ambulance, when really all I needed was for them to leave me alone to rot inside of my sheets. I didn't want to step outside. I didn't want to see people. I didn't want to be in the world, just for a little while. I just need to escape.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my addiction. I didn't mean to get into it. I was at a party and it just kind of...happened. And I have tried for so long to tell my family, but I am so scared they will be ashamed of me; hate their own child. Why would their child be the one who fell into the drugs circle? Why me? I can't stop it any more. I need help.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my depression. I went to college everyday, I faced the teachers, my friends and my studies with a mask on my face. Inside all I wanted was to die. I couldn't deal with this overwhelming feeling of darkness in my body. I felt like I was a black hole and I was slowly sucking myself up in a violent fashion. I didn't have anyone to talk to it seemed, I hated myself. Nothing made me happy. Nothing made me feel like getting out of bed in the mornings. I was slowly killing myself.


It took me a long time to come to terms with my bullies. They had been harassing me for years. I just dealt with all of the name calling, the hair pulling, the pushing. But then it escalated. Now they follow me home, they threaten me, stand outside my house. They tell me if they call the police they wont believe me. They hit me the other day. Mum thinks I slipped over.


'How to Love Yourself and Other Humans' is an educational but immersive story game in which you play as one of the six protagonists and guide them through their stories. It deals with teenage struggles that happen in the modern world. Ultimately, the games goals is to teach teens how to handle daily stresses, mental illnesses, body image issues and other things, through one of the most popular platforms teens interact with; video games. The label 'educational' can often give people the wrong idea and that the game is going to be boring. When 'How to Love Yourself and Other Humans' is going to be an intense, immersive decision making game in which the player has to endure the feelings that are solidly delivered through an heavy atmosphere and ultimately the player will learn how to love themselves, look after themselves and make it through one of the most difficult times in the modern life; the teen years.

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I am the collector of all things. From each corner of the earth, between every glacier to jungle, I collect the prettiest and worthy things. I have been told of the Glow; a rare specimen found in the mountains of Jalfre. It is said to possess the powers of wealth and purpose. I need to get it. I need to use to for world domination. I am a man of wealth, money is no worry. I will get there, I will harvest the treasure and I will not let any man or creature stop me.

I am the collector of small things. I collect the things that people don't want. I take the trash of others and treat it as treasure. A man babbles of the Glow. Says it can make any man the king of the world. I must get it. I must make sure it stays hidden so no one uses it in vain. I have my feet to get me there and the hands of a hard worker. I will do anything with the little power I have to protect what is the earths.

'Rush to the Glow' is a game that entails player choice; will you choose to protect the glow or use it to your advantage. Both options lead to their own stories and decisions, sometimes overlapping. The option to play online with someone, like in Journey, who is playing the opposite role is a possibility in online mode. This game with be sure to challenge the way you think.

There is only one part of Iceland left. It has been covered by a dome. The government calls it a protection plan, we call it a freedom restriction. There are more cities left beyond ours, but the government ignores them because they have lost control of them. No one is allowed to leave, no one is allowed to choose; that is where we come in We are a cybernet rebellion group named Uppreisnarmenn. The government hates us, and we hate them. We aim to bring down the dome through hacking and brute force. We aim to protect the citizens of the dome, keep on good terms with the other cities outside of the dome and push for our peoples freedom. We have access to the outer dome through a set of strategically dug tunnels (the authorities plated the ground in steel and other metals, so this was difficult).

Today we begin the war in full. We are prepared to break the hierarchy and bring everyone to freedom.

'Uppreisnarmenn' is a cyber-punk game set in the future where the authorities have complete control over the last part of Iceland. It is run cruelly and maliciously. The gang, Uppreisnarmenn, aim to purify and restore public freedom. You will play as the protagonist, gender adaptable (like Mass Effect), the head of Uppreisnarmenn and unarguable badass. Fight the police and anyone on their side and free the people in the dome.

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My name is Pure White. I was named after the colour of my body. I am nothing, and everything. I am the one you see in the corner of your room, I am the shadow in the corner of your eye that seemingly disappears. I will not come easily, but I will go quickly. Some people call me a ghost, death, a shadow. I am but the thing that is meant to make you never let one foot over your bed at night.

'Pure White' is a relaxing game where you just get to wander around a urban landscape scaring people. You will record ever different kind of reaction, you can choose to take on certain challenges and quests and you can also just go on free mode and chill out. The option to modify the landscape to fit different scenarios will be an option too, with open community modding (much like Cities:Skyline) as a must.


I remember when I found Lune. He was disguised as a mountain, awaiting someone to wake him from his slumber. He was a beautiful and enchanting rock of which was laced with snow for being there so long. He sat sleeping for more than 300 years.

At birth, everyone is born with a Form. A Form is an entity that follows and lives with you, fights with you and dies with you. But I was never born with a Form. My mother told me my Form was lost, and I just had to find it. So that is what I did for my entire life.

I could hear Lune crying. It was loud and bellowed. I found his eye first, by accidentally standing on it. He rumbled in pain. He stood, and stretched. He was enormous. But I wasn't scared, for all he said to me was "You found me."

'Lune and the Form War' is a game inspired by Japanese art styles and The Golden Compass. You find your Form just in time for the great Form war to break out over Japan. It is up to you to put a stop to the war and destroy all the enemies in your way with Lune.

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Everyone laughed at me when I told them the apocalypse was nigh. I was looked at like one of those kooks on the street with boards, screaming and chanting that were were all going to hell. No, I merely had a dream. I saw that we were all burning. I told some people, someone filmed me ranting, it went viral and now I am the city crazy. Hah, but look at me now. I spent weeks hiding in a bunker I made with my dad as a kid, reinforced with steel and full to the brim with food and supplies. I managed to get my budgies in here too, for company, because my family didn't believe me either. But now the ground is dry, the fires still burn and the air reeks of chemicals. The nuclear war I dreamed of actually happened. Now I am the town crazy, but I am all alone.

'I Saw The End of The World' is a relaxing game for introverted people but anyone can play. It's a single player game which mimics how it feels to feel isolated, anxious and alone. Taking ideas and emotions from real life peoples experiences with depression and anxiety disorders alike modified to an apocalyptic scenario, 'I Saw The End of The World' aims to provide a relaxing, realistic atmosphere and troposphere for the player to unknowingly learn techniques as to combat their real life feelings. The player will endure quests that help the player understand tactics that promote positivity, health and well-being when you feel alone. Thus, that is why the player is the last person on earth, why they think people look at them funny and all of the regular day-to-day feelings people feel when suffering from these very real and very painful illnesses.

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I have taken the breaths of thousands of people. I have looked upon the most fragile of lives. I have watched people cry, smile and be. I take their breaths when their life has come to an end and I store them in a little jar above my bed. My mother and father did this, they collected lost breaths. It's the family business, I guess, being a Taker. The world knows us a cloaked skeletons, Grim-reapers or Death. We are imagined to be cruel, horrible beings when really we are soft and gentle. I sit with them for a while afterwards, I tell them its my job, and I am sorry, and that their family loves them and that they can do anyway they want from here. Some thank me, some cry, others yell and curse and some just disappear without word.

Some say they see the light, or they see darkness. I myself am not so sure what happens after I take your breath. I only know that after you choose to leave me behind, you go somewhere. Somewhere new and fresh. No Devils or Gods, just somewhere where you can begin again breathless.

I am alive so you can be what you are. I came to be so you could live but I could keep the balance. I will live for a thousand years and take all of the breaths I can so you can live your life. I show you how to be, so that you are.

'How To Be So That You Are' is a game in which you play a 'Grim-reaper' type entity called a Taker. This chill game involves floating around the world, finding candidates to be taken out of the world. There a different game modes in which you face overpopulation, underpopulation and all sorts. You are the reason to balancing the world.

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Life is simple for you. You're smart, kind and an incredible painter. Your existence seems no stranger than normal.

A quaint coffee shop rests on the corner, by the meadows. You like to traipse through the shallows and knit in the sunlight. You stumble inside and accidentally knock into a lady. She begins to moan at you in...Maori? You reply swiftly.

"Aroha mai. Toku hape. Tenei haere koe."

You hold the door open and she looks at you. For a moment you are almost as stunned as she is; mostly because you can't speak Maori. You back off and let her pass. You are so very confused. You figured you must have learned that phrase at college without your mind knowing. You go and grab a coffee and leave again.

Grabbing a cab as you go home, your driver apologises and says he needs to take a phonecall. The man is speaking Afrikaans; how you know that? Not even you are sure. He finishes on the phone and you begin to talk to him.

"Is jy uit Afrika , meneer?"

He gawks at you.

"Nairobi, mevrou. Is jy uit Afrika? Of dink jy praat net my taal." He smiles.

"Ek praat nie Afrikaans nie." You reply nervously, and he just laughs at you.


Why are you able to speak languages you have never spoken before? Your mind is becoming a sponge. You decide to try it with something else. You've been trying to knit, learning slowly. Maybe if you read a tutorial on knitting, you'll be able to do that too? You scoff to yourself.

You Google some tutorials. A scarf. You read and read the entire tutorial. Then you reach for your needles and nothing happens. You get yourself in a mess of wool. You decided to watch a Youtube tutorial. And then you can do it. Why not reading, but watching?

Search: How to do a backflip?

You watch a fit young gentlemen teach how to do a backflip. Then you run outside can freaking backflip.

What the hell?

You laugh and laugh as you skip inside to your mother and ask her to speak French. She was born in Paris and is an immigrant. She asks why, and you say you have a surprise. Your mother cleans the dishes and giggles.

"Vous ĂȘtes un enfant fou, Lauren." She laughs, thinking you won't understand.

"Je ne suis pas fou, maman. Mais quelque chose de fou se passe pour moi." You smile.

Your mum drops a dish and gapes at you.

"Mama, quelque chose de bizarre se passe pour moi. Quelque chose de magique."

'Vicariously' is a game in which you develop your vicariousness extremely well. Your talents mean you can watch someone do something, speak a new language or anything under the sun and be able to do it. You can either choose to enchance your powers for good or for bad. You can learn to do anything remember; escape from prison, build houses for the poor, steal money, work for the government...anything. This fun and intense game will educate you, be fill with colourful languages and cultures all while letting you be good/evil in the process.

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note: i do not speak these languages, so if i made a mistake, please tell me!

I wake up every morning. Well, at least it looks like I have. My body walks around all day as if it is alive, but really I am just dead. Nothing is good any more. Life is routine, a scratch on a disc playing over and over again. Nothing makes me smile more than closing my eyes and hoping maybe I will never open them again.

The only outlet I have is music. As cliché as that sounds, the feeling of playing music so loud that the world in front of you practically vanishes for a while is extremely releasing. The floor falls from beneath your feet, the air becomes light and all of the faces staring at you dissolve. It's just you and the pattern.

And I don't care what I look like. I might look batcrap crazy, but it beats feeling like I do. Good and bad is relative.

One day, I was in my arena; listening to Mozart, my eyes closed, walking through a forest by my house. I fell into a hole, one of those ones dug to catch bears. It was too deep to clamber out, and I thought this could be a sign, it is finally time for me to die. I just fell to the ground and smiled. Once I finally opened my eyes, I saw something jutting out of the soil wall, a crystal glimmering white. I hastily grabbed at it, and that is the last thing I remember before looking up out of the hole and four hunters faces looking down on me.

A week later, my back was hurting. Not a soft ache, more like something was trying to force its way out of my skin. I writhed for hours on my bed, screaming at the pain; thank god my parents were at work. I ended up running back into the woods, falling to my knees and passing out because of the pain.

I awake. It's dark. My head hurts. I roll onto my back and see a feather on my shoulder. I perk up and notice the feather...feathers? I arch my head and see...wings. There are soft white wings extruding out of my back. What the hell is going on?

'Among The Fallen' is a game in which you inherit powers from a stone in the woods. You must grow, level and choose a side; light or dark. This game, inspired by games like Infamous: Second Son, is a game about choice, story and freedom.

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