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Three Strikes is a unique top-down puzzle game where the objective is to evade the guards and reach the objective alive. But the guards are very smart, and are often impossible to avoid. So how do you get past them? You die, of course!

You start every level with 3 lives. You may finish a level with 1 life, or you may have more. The object is to use your lives effectively to get past the guards. When a guard sees you, he will chase you. Once he catches you, he will kill you, and you will respawn at the start of the level. The guard however, will stay where he killed you, guarding your body. That leaves you free to go where he was guarding at the start! There are many different types of guards. Some guards will run to catch you, others will shoot you when they get close enough, and some veterans will even walk slowly back to where he started after killing you!

The difficulty comes from trial-and-error, working out how best to use your two deaths to get past the various guards. Optional objectives allow you to push your abilities even further by aiming for 5 stars on each level!

Gameplay features:

  • Unique and challenging gameplay - mastery of the mechanics is essential for later puzzles.
  • Ranking system - complete all objectives for a full 5 stars!
  • Step 1: Die. Step 2: Die. Step 3: Profit!!

In a world where mankind has migrated to the skies, you are Peeper, head commissioner of the International Police, and your mission is to fight crime wherever you find it.

You command The Hypotenuse, the gargantuan battle airship of crime fighting. Lead The Hypotenuse against drug cartels, murderers, and general banditry. Arrest as many criminals as you can, keeping them in the hold of your ship, until you can deliver them safely into custody.

It's a battle of the skies!

Gameplay features:

  • Advanced battle tactics - it's all in the wind!
  • Engaging story - follow the journey of Peeper and The Hypotenuse!
  • Obligatory Pokemon reference

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Blasteroid is a four-player action game designed for the Perpetua system. In it, you play as one of four pilots who fly small star ships armed with minor deflector shields and simple weaponry. Your job is to survive the longest... In a tumultuous asteroid field. You must be quick on your feet, as asteroids are coming from all directions, and there isn't always a safe path.

Navigate through the ever-changing minefield of asteroids, and stay on the lookout for the other players. Find them, and it is your mission to destroy them. How you do this is up to you. You could chase them down and blast them with your lasers and torpedoes, or let them chase you, leading them through the wild asteroid field, and to their eventual death by way of giant rock.

Be the last ship standing, and you will be the winner... If you can get to your transport ship alive!

Gameplay features:

  • Pick up and play - easy-to-learn mechanics allow for a quick start to gameplay
  • Always be alert - you could be smashed to pieces at any moment.
  • Obligatory Star Wars reference

Dead Eye is a first person multiplayer stealth game for four players. The game is designed to be a Perpetua system game. Each game is designed to be quick and fun, lasting as little as two minutes.

In each round, each player is spawned in one of the four corners of the map. Each player has a Sniper Rifle, with a single bullet. This is the only way to kill other players. The aim of the game is to stalk the other players, remaining hidden and unseen, and, when you think you've got one of them in your sights, you take the shot.

At this point, many things could happen. You could hit your target, killing them, and if there are no other players left, you win the game. Or, your could miss your target and be out of a bullet. Either way, the crack of your gun will alert all those nearby of your general location, which, if you were right behind your target, and you missed (how?) you would be basically dead to rights.

What happens when you lose your one bullet? Well, in the center of each map, there are four pedestals which hold another bullet that you may pick up if you don't currently have one. These pedestals can be camped and staked out, but there are four of them, and they are just far enough away from each other that there will always be at least one safe one. The judgement call on whether it is safe or not, is up to you however.

The game is about stealth, quick thinking, and alertness to your surroundings.

Gameplay features:

  • Many and varied maps - play in a multi-layered jungle, rough crag, gentle hills, a snowy forest, or an suburban environment!
  • Tense gameplay - who makes the first move?
  • Don't really have a good quip for this one, how sad :(

This game is a god game about competitively designing creatures with your friends. The game is designed to be played as part of the Perpetua system.

It is a four-player brawler game where you must create a beast from a set of parts that is randomly determined, and is the same for all players. These parts may include arms, mouths, teeth, tails, claws, etc.

Then, once everyone had built their beast, they are set into a randomly chosen arena to battle against the other 3 players' beasts in a free for all. Victory is dependant not only on brawler proficiency, but also on how well you have constructed your beast. For example, the player who places a bunch of claws on their creatures legs will likely lose to the beast who has claws on his hands, while the creature who walks on four legs will have greater speed and stability than the beast that walks on two.

The variety and power of the attacks will depend purely on how the creature was focused. The randomly generated parts list leads to vastly different gameplay each time, there may be some rounds that allow for massive Dragon battles with fire and talons, and other rounds that will be a competitive game of 'slug bodyslam'.

Gameplay features:

  • Great replayablilty - near infinite possibilities of combinations!
  • Play with your friends, or be matched with players from around the world!
  • Slug Bodyslam!!

Double-Agent is a game where you have to capture supervillains. You play as the lead agent for a team dedicated to removing all evil from the world, and it is your job to capture, and... dispose of these these supervillains. Little does your team know, however, that you yourself are a supervillain, and when no one else is looking, you steal the superpower from your target before murdering them.

The aim of the game is simple enough, Lead your team to the supervillain's lair, out-smart him using your tactics, and steal his powers without anyone noticing. How do you do that? Well, you first have to order your team into position to move in on the target. Then you have to make sure that you will have an opening in which you can steal the targets power, with no witnesses!

Some of your foes will require some... special treatment in order to beat them. You may use your acquired powers at any time, in order to subdue the target, save your men, or steal their powers. The catch? You may not be seen using your powers, or you will instantly be targeted by your men and executed for heresy.

Each mission leads on from the previous, and each will require a more and more diverse set of powers in order to overcome and defeat. The powers you gain from previous assignments can be used to capture your targets in later missions. Once you acquire the power of time travel, you may go back and replay previous missions with your new powers and knowledge!

All this leads up to your ultimate goal. There is one final target whose ability you desperately want. He will be your toughest mission, but his power is the thing you need the most. Take his ability, and you will achieve the ultimate power of Immortality!

Gameplay features:

  • Play your way - complete missions how you choose, there is more than one way to skin a supervillain!
  • Rich backstory - follow the plot of the protagonist as he becomes the ultimate supervillain!
  • 'We aren't in Kansas any more...'

Mand Banager is a band manger game about managing bands.

You are a rookie band manager looking to make it big in the world of musical promotion. You have been hired by a local band also looking to make it big in showbiz. It is your job to take that band out of their parent's garage, and into the biggest, grandest, and most profitable venues in the world!

Start by looking for local bars where your band can play. Use the meager profits you earn from those gigs to release a demo disk of your bands music, in the hope of being noticed by a big publisher. Get lucky here, and it's all up from there!

Do press interviews, conduct publicity, buy advertisement, and book TV appearances for your new superstar band! Get a prime spot on the hottest festival of the summer, and score the latest Avengers movie! The possibilities are endless!

Gameplay features:

  • Lifelike music business experiences - experience the joy, heartbreak, drugs, hookers, and jail cells of being the manager of a world-famous band!
  • 100's of achievements - for those who love completionism
  • This idea came from Flight of the Conchords. Pic unrelated.

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Perpetua Tower Defence is a tower defence game with a difference. Perpetua Tower Defence is a multiplayer tower defence game that is designed to be a part of the Perpetua system.

The game is played between 4 players, each starting in a different corner of the map. Build up your defenses in the standard TD format, using Missile Launchers, Landmines, and EMP fields to hold the enemy off. At the same time, build up an army of your own to attack your foes, and defeat their home base.

Well who are your foes, you ask? Well, none other than the other players! As you are building up your armies and defenses, so are the other 4 players! Manage your resources properly in order to overcome the enemy defenses, while still keeping your base defended.

Garrison bunker outposts, allowing you to enhance your defensive front line, or attempt to capture the Factory in the center, in order to double your offensive production capabilities. Beware though, doing so will put a massive target on your back for the other players!

Play as strategically as you can, overcome your opponents, and emerge victorious!

Gameplay features:

  • Perpetua sync - Each game awards points based on performance, and those points carry over!
  • Huge range of units and structures - Defeat the enemy your way!
  • What a maneuver!

You are a Goose. You are Jesus. Therefore, you are Geesus, lord of the Geese.

You don't know how, and you don't know why, but you awoke one day as a Goose. For some reason, the other Geese all flock to you as their leader, it seems you are a deity to them. They shower you with feathers and twigs, and all manner of things a Goose would find valuable.

So why not go with it?

As Geesus, it is your job to lead the Geese to victory in the Great Holy War against the Grand Army of the Ducks.

Geesus is a real-time strategy game harkening back to the glory days of Command & Conquer. Start with a Nest, and build your forces from there. Send your Fiddlers into the field to mine valuable Seed, then return it to the Nest in order to buy fearsome war units!

Fight the enemy on land with the powerful Egg-Launchers, the lightning fast Pilgrim Geese, or the lumbering Cacklers.

Take the fight to the waters with Kelp Geese, the submarine-like Sinkers, or bombard the enemy with the Red Crest Launcher.

Or even control the skies with Webb Missiles, Beakers, and the gargantuan Carrier Pigeon!

How you choose to fight is up to you! Save the Geese Empire against the increasing threat of the Ducks!

Gameplay features:

  1. Immersive, 15 - level campaign - lead the Geese to a story-driven victory!
  2. Fully voiced-acted cutscenes - see the war from the Nest, the Battle Bunker, and even the Shrine of Geesus!
  3. Play as the heathen Ducks - command all new units and buildings in a completely separate Duck campaign. Do you really want to annihilate the Geese?
  4. Just like Yeezus, only smarter!

Have you ever wanted to be President? Oh, I'm sorry, that's MR. President to you, son. Have you ever wanted to be President, but your past, and your attitude is so bad, and so narcissistic, that no one in their right mind would vote for you? Well fear no more, because Road to the White House is here!

Play as everyone's (least) favorite rap artist (?) with a big ego and an even bigger bottom lip as you attempt to right the wrongs of your past, win over your doubters, and make a run for the White House against the tyrannical Donald Trump. 2020 is only 4 years away, and you have that long to build your campaign, fix your image, and make sure your daughter's morale compass is pointing North-West.

Run your campaign your way! Take to the streets, visit the elderly, and make radio appearances all in your quest to win over voters and secure your rightful place in the oval office!

Get enough supporters, and you could even attempt a coup. Will you let Donald Trump finish his term, or does Beyonce have one of the best selling records of all time?

Gameplay features:

  • Accurate election simulation - two candidates, 51 states, 7 platinum-selling albums, and countless riots!
  • All the fun of running against Donald Trump, the most politically inept white man since Charles Manson!
  • Welcome to America, son!

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Energist is an arcade style side-scrolling endless runner where you play as a spark, and is designed to be a Perpetua game.

Your job it to navigate the spark through an increasingly difficult minefield of rubber plates, wooden boards, and other insulators. This isn't just your standard endless runner though, because not only must you avoid the obstacles, but your also have the ability to enter certain materials in your path, in order to get a slight speed boost. Charge into a rubber boot, and it's run over, but charge into a sword, and you will instantly be zapped to the other end of the sword, avoiding any and all obstacles in the way.

There are several modes to Energist, and each of them bring a new gimmick to the core gameplay:

There is the standard endless mode, where you aim to get the highest score you can by surviving as long as possible.

Accelerator mode forces the player to hit Charge Points in order to pick up more charge, and continue going. If the player fails to hit a certain amount of these, they will run out of charge and be unable to continue, thus ending the run.

Lastly, 4-Player mode allows four players to play against each other on the same run, with every power-up and score item being single-use, meaning only one player can grab it. The objective is to outlast all your opponents, while collecting the highest score possible. This is where the main meat of the game is.

Gameplay features:

  • Addicting gameplay - you can always do better!
  • Perpetua sync - your points will carry over!
  • Let the sparks fly!

You are a retired Safecracker from way back in the day. Having made your millions, an unfortunate stroke changed you into a generous, worldly man who laughs at dad jokes and thinks that gun legislation is just swell. Now, 23 years later, another (un)fortunate stroke has returned you to the sly, sneaky, genius of a Safecracker that you once were. You are out to regain the wealth that you lost, and much more.

But the world has changed in the last 2 decades. Technology has evolved to scary levels, and the art of stealing money is now more complex than ever before.

You must rebuild your reputation, reconnect with old friends in the business, learn the new ways, and hit the most valuable targets to net the biggest profit. Be careful though, one false step, and it's straight to the clanger for you!

Gameplay features:

  • Many and varied targets - from humble house safes to giant bank vaults!
  • References abound - Steal from the greatest characters in all of entertainment!
  • Ted West eat your heart out!

Treebeast is a game where you play as an Ent. Being an Ent, it is your job to survive, and provide for your family of Mini-Ents. It's also your job to keep yourself hidden from the humans that live in the village nearby, lest you be hunted down and torched.

Spend your days scavenging for food, while keeping out of sight of the villagers. How does a giant walking tree accomplish this? Well, by putting down your roots and petrifying yourself of course! At any time during your exploits, you have the ability to turn yourself back into a regular tree, as a means of disguising yourself to any wandering eyes.

Play at your pace, the day is long, and you can end it at any time. As long as you keep you and your family fed, you can do as you please each day.

Keep your tribe alive until the day your Mini-Ents can hunt and provide for you!

Gameplay features:

  • Relaxed, laid-back gameplay - Play as you see fit
  • Open-world - explore and do as little or as much as you choose, with very little requirements
  • Tree Powers, ACTIVATE!!!

You are a ship captain in the 1500's. Choose your affiliation with the major powers. Are you a refined Frenchman? An expansionist Spaniard? A noble Englishman? Or are do you hail from the sovereign state of Holland?

You are given the title of Privateer by the Viceroy of your hometown. Your duty is to patrol the waters of the Caribbean, protecting trade convoys and diplomats from the ever-present threat of Pirate, or other nations. Capture Pirate ships and sell them to earn money for yourself, upgrade your ship, and dominate the Pirate threat. Buy a letter of Marque from the Viceroys, and take the fight directly to the other nations. Put together a fleet, arm yourself to the teeth, and capture enemy towns! The more you loot, the more profit you make!

In the end, when you are powerful enough, you can choose to leave the service of your Viceroy, and become a mercenary, taking Letters of Marque from anyone and everyone, whilst establishing your very own town!

Make enough money, and you can eventually attain the greatest symbols of power and wealth: Capture the Spanish Treasure Fleet, and build a fleet of gargantuan Ship of the Lines.

Gameplay features:

  • Simulated real-world expansion and colonization of the Americas - watch the rise and fall of colonies and powers
  • Open - ended gameplay - Voluntary ending, you don't need to stop playing!
  • Sail the Caribbean matey!

It is the year 3385. Mankind has ascended beyond themselves. Technology augments are now the norm. A byproduct of this is that humans can no longer reproduce in the good-old-all-american-fun kind of way. Instead, children are implanted as embryos into an adult female, and are carried to term. These babies are then removed from the carrier, and are raised and augmented with the technology needed to successfully contribute to the hive. The world is entrenched in a galaxy wide conflict, with aliens and humans alike fighting a great war over power, ideals, and money.

You would think that this is going to be a game about the vastly more interesting, gritty reality of war across the galaxy, but no. Someone has to look after all those babies right?

In The Baby Factory, play as the manager for the factory where newborn babies are sent. Manage them from birth, through augmentation, to integration back into the hive. Strive to create the most efficient baby-raising environment, any less, and those babies will grow up defective, and will be recycled. Your job, and your part in the hive, is on the line here.

Gameplay features:

  • Challenging management elements - go hard, or be recycled
  • Futuristic setting - could this be the future?
  • Augmentations!

Spectacle is a game where the aim is to put on the biggest event you can!

Welcome to the management game that is all about bigger-is-better!

Spectacle puts you in the shoes of a rookie event promoter. You begin with a tiny school gym with which to book your events out of. Your goal is to build up to bigger and better venues, from amphitheater, to arena, all the way up to grand stadium! You do this by buying upgrades, accepting contracts, and attracting as many people to your contracted event as possible. Manage everything, from pyro, to lights, to the seating arrangements. Host everything, from a school prom or company meeting, right up to the SuperBowl, Wrestlemania, or even the Olympics!

Put on the razzle-dazzle, light up the fireworks, and set the cameras to rolling, because every little detain counts in the world of showbiz, and you have to be the best in order to attract the biggest customers. The NBA, UFC, E3, WWE, AMPAS, and others will not just come to you, you have to offer the best package!

Gameplay features:

  • Powerful and intuitive management controls - to get that perfect event just right!
  • Endless play cycle - once you have the maximum stadium, the goal becomes earning the right to host the big events every year!
  • Host Wrestlemania, the Presidential Victory Speech, and the Golden Globes in the same building!

Goalout! Is a co-op, team-based arcade game, based on the Perpetua System. Players are connected to a server, where they are placed in teams of 10 per side, for 2 sides. Each team then has 5 minutes to lob as many balls at the opponents goal as possible. Each goal scored gives points based on the size of the ball, and the difficulty of the shot. Players may block incoming shots with their bodies, or with another ball, however, each time a shot is blocked with the Player's own body, they are removed from the game and are given a 10 second respawn timer.

Balls can be made bigger or smaller by holding them inside special Accumulators, which gradually add or subtract mass depending on the type of accumulator. Bigger balls score more points, but naturally move slower than smaller balls.

At the end of each game, the points are tallied up, and the highest-scoring player gets a Perpetua Point for use in later games!

Gameplay features:

  • Arcade-style multiplayer fun
  • Perpetua interaction - the better you play, the more Points you earn!
  • BALLS!!!

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Stockades is a game designed as a monthly game for Perpetua. The game is a 2D, timed puzzle platformer where the player controls a cowboy. As any good cowboy does, you ride a noble steed. However, your steed seems to be spooked, and won't stop running. You must jump, twist, and spin through the levels, doing your best to land on your horse at the end.

Each level, you must jump off your horse, jump and fall through mazes and obstacles in order to let your horse through the level as well, and at the end, you must land on the horse and ride off into the next level. Miss the horse, leave the horse blocked, or die, and it's all over!

Complete each level as efficiently as possible, and compare your times with those of other Perpetua players from around the world. Play and play until you are the best!

Gameplay features:

  • Addicting, time-based gameplay that is easy to learn, difficult to perfect
  • Perpetua interaction - good scores here will earn more Perpetua Points for use later
  • Ooh look, it's a pretty pony!

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You rush home, eager to turn Perpetua on. You barrel through your front door, boot up your computer, and double click the 'Perpetua' icon on your desktop. You read the welcoming message, and see you placed ninth on last months game. I mean, it was a good game and all, but you feel ready for a new experience, a new competition.You see that this month's game is called 'Starter Deck'. How intriguing. An online card game. You are positively bursting with excitement, as you load up the game, and try to get yourself into a match. Oh how much fun this month will be!

Welcome to Perpetua, the perpetual game experience that completely changes every month. Studies have shown that many casual gamers lose interest in one game after a few weeks, so what better to counter that then with a new game! Perpetua does just that, giving players a completely new game every month. Players have exactly one month. from the 1st to the 1st, to do as much as they can in the game, completing achievements and milestones. And then, when the next month rolls around, all the progress in the last game is lost, and a new game is begun. Well, not quite.

There would be no point in playing if the games weren't worth anything, so every game awards persistent points depending on what has been accomplished in it. Points can be earned by completing the story, winning many matches, or playing for many hours. These points can be used to buy upgrade which remain persistent throughout subsequent games, such as 2x bonuses, extended timers, and hats!

Gameplay features:

  • Highly Addicting month-to-month gameplay - spend a week addicted, then do other things until the month rolls over!
  • Persistent rewards - the better you play now, the better you can play next month!
  • Undefined!

You are a flying cannon.

Don't ask questions. Just go with it.

In Cannon Voyage, you are the worlds greatest weapon to counter the increasing threats of the Slylar Corporation, who are hellbent on boiling away all the world's oceans. Fly all around the world, fighting the enemy in lush jungles, the frigid snowlands, and even in the abandoned wastelands of the great desert.

Advance through the levels, defeating drones and walkers, as you get closer to uncovering the secret of the war, the reason the Sylar Corporation wants to get rid of the oceans.

You have had enough. Twenty-Nine years you've done this. Twenty-Nine years you've toiled away, searching for the answers. Now, take the fight directly to the enemy. Bust down the resistance, capture their leaders, and stop their plot!

Cannon Voyage is a side-scrolling arcade shooter about bringing bad people to justice in your flying cannon. What more could you want from a game?

Gameplay features:

  • Satisfying flying cannon destruction antics
  • Rich locations - fight in a sweaty jungle, and burning desert, and even the vast empty void of space! (spoiler)
  • See? I did it this time. I didn't mean what I said yesterday, promise!

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You are a flying cannon.

Don't ask questions. Just go with it.

In Cannon Voyage, you are the worlds greatest weapon to counter the increasing threats of the [insert generic bad company name here], who are hellbent on [insert generic bad thing that bad guys do here]. Fly all around the world, fighting the enemy in lush [insert generic forest name here], the frigid [insert generic tundra name here], and even in the abandoned wastelands of [insert generic desert name here].

Advance through the levels, defeating [generic enemy] and [generic slightly tougher enemy], as you get closer to uncovering the secret of... Okay you know what? I quit. I'm done. I'm all out. I tried. Nope. No more.

I've had enough. Twenty-Nine days I've done this. Twenty-Nine days I've regurgitated meaningless tat to put up on this dang Streak. I started out with many ideas, and now, as you can see, I'm at the bottom of the barrel. Kanye West Daily Routine Simulator? Seriously? It was funny at the time, but now it's just sad. It was really not good.

So that's it. I have already done enough to pass, so I'm going to say adieu to this horse-hockey. I'm out. No more terrible ideas from me. My legacy will live on with Creativity Simulator. The height of obnoxious disdain disguised as satire. Not a bad legacy to leave behind.

I will bow out now. I will fade away, into that good night.

Farewell, friends.

Gameplay features:

  • Hahahahaha
  • Haha
  • No

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Do you know how satisfying it is to have full bars of reception on your mobile phone? Do you also know how soul-crushingly alone you feel when your phone says 'No Reception'? How about the purgatory that exists when you have one bar, and you have to wave your phone around like a Muppet to send a text?

Welcome to purgatory! Cell-Phone Reception Negotiator accurately represents the terrors of having bad reception!

You go camping with some friends, but receive a call from your mother just as you get into the bush. You have to take the call, and stay on the line, otherwise she will murder you and wear you face as a mask. But you have terrible reception! You frantically wave your phone around in the sky, doing a strange mix of gymnastics and Zumba as you attempt to keep your mother content. Played with a Kinect, this is the ultimate in fitness simulations!

Gameplay features:

  • Accurate frustration simulator - feel the rage within as 'No Reception' obnoxiously prints on the screen
  • Feel the wrath of Mother - stay on the phone, or experience near Binding-Of-Isaac level rage
  • Zumba!
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