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I added three new characters to The Great Debate

Ada Lovelace, English Mathematician and writer. Developed the first algorithm and is arguably the first computer programmer.

Marie Curie, Physicist and chemist. Won multiple Nobel Prizes. Worked extensively with radioactivity before it was properly understood (she helpd understand it) which, unfortunately, killed her. Today even her cookbooks are extremely radioactive and require special permission to see and special equipment to handle.

Obi Wan Kenobi - Jedi knight. Trained Luke Skywalker and cut off most of Hayden Christiansen's limbs and left him to die in lava. Great Jedi Knight, horrible friend.

I finished my Ludum Dare entry with minutes to spare. If you want to play The Great Debate, you can do so here.

Here are all the characters you can play as if you so desire.

I'm working on my entry for Ludum Dare 32 (theme: An unconventional weapon). My entry is The Great Debate. Beat down your opponenets with the power of your words!

The game is a puzzle game disguised as a debate simulator. Each round you get a list of four words to pick from. They are all worth a different amount of points based on some criteria, but to find out what that criteria is you are going to have to experiment and watch how both your words and your opponents words are scoring. Better figure it out quickly because there are only 10 rounds in the debate until the winner is determined.

Note this is after one day. I still have all day tomorrow to clean up the little things, add more puzzles (each debate has the same solution now), add additional characters, and all that fun stuff. Plus, the MadLibs inspired jokes,which are kind of the entire point of this thing.

You can try it out HERE,

Here's my first character for the Ludum Dare game jam. I'm making a debate simulator, so one of the characters you can play as (or against!) is Einstein himself.

Edit, Bonus Neil deGrasse Tyson!