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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback before. I think it is looking better. Still needs work though.

No, seriously, what is wrong with it? I'm trying to better myself as an artist and my drawing doesn't look like the picture, but I can't see why it doesn't. I think I'm too close to it at this point.

EDIT - I think I see it. The nose is too small. And the skin a little too light. And the eyes aren't shaded correctly. And the ear needs more contrast. And some other things... Gah!

Looks a little scary right now. But they normally do.

I realized much too late that the head is too wide. I'd have to do some major overhaul which would require redrawing a massive amount of the face and I just want to move on.

EDIT - Here's a bonus Making-Of video. I always like watching these so I decided to make my own.


I'm much happier with this now. Looks much more like the person. It still needs a lot of work though.

I can't tell yet. I'm hoping it comes together because I really feel like I should see the likeness at this point...