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It looks better when smaller, tiled, and translucent

A submission for Daily Art Club

More minetest related pixel art.

Was on the bus today, a lot.

Poor Pore Pour. Thanks English

Slightly creepy obey avatar for the lรถve forums

How delicious are hamantashen? Do a bit of baking and find out ;)

'cause that's not creepy

A submission for Daily Art Club

Missed yesterday, which is sad, because now I start my streak from zero :(

Trying a new style. My fire's got issues. Using MyPaint

Don't know if this can rightly be called art...

Equations from a class I'm taking. Seriously

A submission for Daily Art Club

Didn't feel like art. Sketched something in pencil so I wouldn't miss. Perspective is very off.

Because I've run out of time I've only got this short and rough post about Structuring Lapis Projects. It's meant to help give perspective on the right way to keep your code organized.

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