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Tweaks here and there, but I do b'leev we're [mostly] done!

When I forget to write this down, I forget to send anything in.

Opal just wanted some pastries. She didn't want to deal with this today.

Haven't really nailed down the characters or the plot, but that's alright for now. Had some fun on this one!

Boyyy let me tell you! So I finished inking and after waiting the agonizing hour I gave it to dry ran over to my scanner to find that my clever plan to tape two papers together to make it simple to scan would not work - my scanner was an inch short on all sides. DROVE TO MY FAVORITE LOCAL SHOP IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT to scan it there, I was so excited. Got the PDF files, set it up in Photoshop to color the line art and conked out. WAKE UP, IT'S TIME TO COLOR.

Color color color LAYERS like an ogre I tell you, more coloring! Cintiq display gettin' fuzzy - WHAT'S GOING ON NO no no, no technical difficulties, willed that biz away REAL quick (the power of denial, man, the next day the screen was clear)

DONE. Love it. Gorgeous. Maybe tweakage? Likely. Not now though, it's DONE!