Boyyy let me tell you! So I finished inking and after waiting the agonizing hour I gave it to dry ran over to my scanner to find that my clever plan to tape two papers together to make it simple to scan would not work - my scanner was an inch short on all sides. DROVE TO MY FAVORITE LOCAL SHOP IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT to scan it there, I was so excited. Got the PDF files, set it up in Photoshop to color the line art and conked out. WAKE UP, IT'S TIME TO COLOR.

Color color color LAYERS like an ogre I tell you, more coloring! Cintiq display gettin' fuzzy - WHAT'S GOING ON NO no no, no technical difficulties, willed that biz away REAL quick (the power of denial, man, the next day the screen was clear)

DONE. Love it. Gorgeous. Maybe tweakage? Likely. Not now though, it's DONE!

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This is just too sad. I often joke that if something isn't on my calendar, it no longer exists. This is apparently true of this Streak. For the past weeks, I had neglected to put StreakClub on my calendar — and promptly forgot all about it! The habit of working on projects has been sustained, however, and since I haven't yet let a month go by, I'm counting this as a win.

I've begun illustrating a poem written by a co-worker. It's been a good exercise in color theory and experimentation. I'll give you only a sneak peek for now!

I've just been sketching this week. Not working toward anything big and exciting.

Finished a book I've been illustrating for what seems like 5ever. Great fun with character design, I'll have to put some images up on my website but for now they're just on Behance. This is just one page from the book.

((I also completed a children's book this week. Feels good, man))

Submitted this puppy to the first ever Narrative Art Award for SCBWI. Blog post about this project coming this Saturdayyyy! (

When I forget to write this down, I forget to send anything in.

Opal just wanted some pastries. She didn't want to deal with this today.

Dilemma, conflict, resolution. Feelin' it out this time with the big blackboard in my room so I can stare at and contemplate it from my bed.

This turned out so cute. I don't really like drawing people like I do animals, but it's nice to stretch those muscles sometimes. Tombow pencils and Pentel colored pencil!

I hoped to be finished by tonight, but I wasn't. Distracted. No good. Better tomorrow!

Deciding on a few things...putting off choices...values to be tweaked here and there...but 80% finished!

Busted out the ol' light box to transfer the sketch to the final 8 x 10" paper.

The internet was not fantastic at the Marriott, so take a late submit.

This was my second conference and once again I learned so much. This year I participated in the Portfolio Showcase. I made myself proud!

It's nice to sit and reflect for a moment on where you're at.

Printed, trimmed, and all set to show! Pretty proud of this curation, especially considering how spread-out I am — not always working on kid-lit-related material.

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