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This is just too sad. I often joke that if something isn't on my calendar, it no longer exists. This is apparently true of this Streak. For the past weeks, I had neglected to put StreakClub on my calendar — and promptly forgot all about it! The habit of working on projects has been sustained, however, and since I haven't yet let a month go by, I'm counting this as a win.

I've begun illustrating a poem written by a co-worker. It's been a good exercise in color theory and experimentation. I'll give you only a sneak peek for now!

Tweaks here and there, but I do b'leev we're [mostly] done!

When I forget to write this down, I forget to send anything in.

Opal just wanted some pastries. She didn't want to deal with this today.

Dilemma, conflict, resolution. Feelin' it out this time with the big blackboard in my room so I can stare at and contemplate it from my bed.

I hoped to be finished by tonight, but I wasn't. Distracted. No good. Better tomorrow!

Deciding on a few things...putting off choices...values to be tweaked here and there...but 80% finished!

Busted out the ol' light box to transfer the sketch to the final 8 x 10" paper.

Okay so I guess I don't have much visual flash to show for my work this week, but I'm pulling together a loose script/book map for an old story I'm adapting into a kids media project. Got the character designs more or less nailed down.

This month, I got some solid character designs finished and completed illustrations for two different concepts. Upon reflection, I'm particularly pleased with Hansel and Gretel's visual design. I'm still developing new strategies for working digitally.

Feelin' it out, thinkin' it through. They're pretty cute, huh?

AUGH! I lost my streak for no good reason. Had it on my to-do list and then FORGOT TO LOOK AT THE LIST. Nothing huge to report, just continuing the ink biz.

Thank goodness for my gramma's light box — graphite transfers were always my least favorite part of the process. I am loving this project! Not really much to say, I's getting to be crunch time though if I want this colored!

I love this project too much. I spent all week drawing ideas for alien creatures and not enough actually working. Thank goodness for this streak thing for reminding me to GET GOING!

I wish I could have gotten started on this painting earlier in the week, but so it goes!

So far so good, I already see where I'm going to need some corrections. I don't know how dark I want to go with the foreground, so I'm thinking I'll go ahead with what I have for now and maybe glaze it over with some deep purple tone at the end.

No kidding, I just got called in to work so I'll have to cut this short.

See? BUSY.

I've been invited to participate in a fundraiser auction for a local gallery. Without giving too much away, here's a picture of some of the development. This is about 20% of the tracing paper I've used so far (by the time I realized I needed a photo, I'd thrown much of it away). Good ideas, good flow, I like where this is going. Color palettes next week, but I'm not gonna overthink it — don't have much time this month so I gotta get moving on the finished piece pretty quick.

I can already tell this is gonna be one of those projects that I jump out of bed at 5:30 to get at!

Still making lots of drawing decisions, but I think I'll start painting tonight.