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18:00 - 18:25. Modular jam of the worst kind: improv.

I think I need an ADSR envelope module - would sure help me shape my sounds. I was going to consider getting a second oscillator, but maybe an ADSR would help me do cooler sounds that have, well… less attack.

If I had a bit more preparation I probably would have tried a little more to smooth some of the rough edges of the performance out, or even try to incorporate other synthesizers as a part of it, but I started late after a tiring day.

I forgot to time this one, but it's a fun live jam anyway so kind of low effort. Maybe 30-40 minutes?

This is a two-synth jam: Oberheim XPander and Kilpatrick Phenol.

I set up the XPander to play a loop of chords in the background. The Phenol was played live using self-triggering mechanisms (no keyboard). There's actually a fair amount going on for not that many synths.

No software effects except for limiting/EQ on the master track.

Warning: some high frequencies.