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Punk rock originally done for One Hour Compo ( I did a first pass of vocals and guitar parts in the hour. I worked on the song minimally, re-recording the guitar parts for variety, doing more mixing, and other various touch-ups. I did NOT re-record the vocal parts (my partner was playing video games in the same room with me!) so I've essentially spent less than an hour warming up and doing vocals for this song. By the way, I haven't exactly been practicing guitar or vocals.

There was this girl, she thought she was smart
She knew because they told her so
But when she had to head to the world
She struggled, she toiled, it hurt

She thought she was ready she thought she was smart
Failure sliced her heart
When she couldn’t do it, not anymore
Her will and her dreams were gone

She went on blind
She toiled on broken
And she heard no cry
She tried and she tried

Tides of madness Tides of joy
Rushing water swept her away
Carried her dreams back where they came
In solitude she got away

Despite how epic the song is and how fitting the title is, my wife came up with it because she joked that what I really wanted to do today was play Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Sunday, October 1.

15:05 - 17:20: I am taking guitar lessons. Today's lessons is to do scales more smoothly across two octaves. While listeners might not really hear differences, behind the scenes I'll be working on playing on scale tones more dexteriously.

I also watched a pretty good 4 and a half video about making thicker, more epic chords.

This is a little more soulful and epic than the music I normally do?

Total time: 2h 15m

Pseudo-epic-trying guitar ballad.

Notes: I tried to steal chords from pop songs, but it was too hard to figure out how they were supposed to sound good together.

Starting in earnest:

16:35 - 18:50. 2h 15m

Really? It sure felt longer than that.

Sunday, August 20, 15:00-17:21 Modular + Guitar Jam.

First 30m was setting up the studio and getting some initial tuning and patches in for the modular synthesizers, and fiddling around with some initial melodies that might be okay.

I kind of wanted this to be done, I didn't particularly like the end result too much. The mood changes too much and I wasn't sure I wanted to go back and fix it all.

Theme notes to come

Not sure when I started actually. It's 10:45 now and I probably spent an hour on this song already laying down parts and getting guitar tones right.

I think I stopped around 12:15, but I'm not clear. So maybe 2.5 to 3 hours? There are some messy parts that I've marked as "FIX" in my project file - the intro for example and the chorus needs work, as well as some of the verses that aren't quite the same section to section.

I think I might do some work next week and add lyrics.

Summertime hot dogs and burgers.

I started this song in about 1.5 hours for OHC (I submitted it late). I got some encouragement to finish it, so I'll aim for that during WeeklyMusic.

Sunday, July 23, 2017. 11:15 - 12:30. Going to do this song over again and work on the performance parts. Re-recorded most of the rhythm guitar and redid some bass and added an ending.

I started again around 2-3 PM maybe? I forgot to record the new start time.

Including OHC time, I probably spent about 3h 45m on this, with a lot of it recording takes of the guitar parts. My guitar playing is still not that solid but recording it at least reinforces what I need to look at.