Submissions by Aletheia tagged cinematic

This is a much more "textural" track than my usual melodic ones, as I like to experiment with timbre as well as slow moving sounds. The tracks starts with intensity (a simple orchestral chord) but then synths add and overwhelm the strings and brass. I keep changing presets on the synth (a VST called OBxD - much recommended as it is also free) to create interest and movement - the notes for it are pretty random playing on a keyboard. The piece finishes with a bell synth part, I dare not say Pink Floyd-esque :)

This one blends orchestral and electronic instruments. I started in VCV rack with two synth patches using Euclidean Rhythms which I then blended with a bass synth, Strings, Piano (played live on the midi keyboard) and some timpani.

This track, as given away by the title, was started at this winter's solstice on the 21st. It follows a structure I used on a couple other tracks with this theme: a synth drone and several layers of percussion in increasing tempo. On top of this two tracks of acoustic guitar and a mandolin (from the Wavestate). I think it's a nice energy to push us through to the last week of the year and beyond!

So for this (early) Black Friday I managed to get a good price on a Korg Wavestate. This is the first experiment done with it, along with some bass guitar playing. Being my first dabble with it, there are some weird timings here and there and the bass is a bit low in the mix but I can see some great time up ahead with this machine! It does have a bit of a learning curve, but oddly enough it's one of the most insta-gratifying instruments I had. I used pad, strings, flute and taiko samples and the way you can sequence them so quickly and musically is bound to give some awesome inspiration.