Musical goals

I think this was a thread in previous years. Post your goals for 2021 :)

I haven't been posting much in previous years because I kept getting stuck at the recording part, so I might just post voice memos or something this year to keep up

and I'm gonna try to leave more comments on people's songs

On my side, the main goal is to continue with the pace i got from weekly beats - I have been making one new track a week non stop since Feb 2020 and intend to continue. It has been really a life changer in terms of learning and growing musically.

The second goal is to improve technically overall - from instrument playing (especially keyboard and bass) to general production techniques with FL studio.

The third one is to use this opportunity to go deeper into weird creative zones, trying to find new original musical venues and having absolutely no inhibitions in doing something different. :)

I did this on here in 2019 and managed all but one week due to illness. Last year was on and did 24 although I was doing other things, plus real life etc. This year we'll see. Would be nice to do more than half, maybe a track every other week..

I think I missed a handful (four or five) weeks from WeeklyBeats. One thing that I find a little intimidating is that there's like a hundred submissions over there each week. Over here, there's more like a dozen so it's more realistic to listen to and comment on all of them, so I'm going to try to make it a point to at least listen and leave a comment (be prepared to hear a lot of "nice job!" kind of comments). I might not have the energy to leave constructive feedback on everything, but I want to at least expand my mind and respect the submitters here.

The other thing that I want to do musically is to work on refining existing pieces rather than constantly churn out new content. I think I have a few hundred incomplete, imperfect, unrefined pieces of music and now that I'm totally over the anxiety of creating bad music, I really need to invest in perfecting work, so be prepared to hear me pour hours and hours into the same songs (where you can hopefully hear the difference over a matter of a few weeks).

I have not missed a lot of weeks during the last 3 years, but definitely I want to echo the above poster and say that now I want to create less weekly tracks that are bad, unfinished and rough, and somehow also find time to shift focus from "weekly" to "monthly" in order to compile some releases (and not just think about doing that :) ).

Anyways, good luck everyone!

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All I have made so far are some orphan loops and sketches. I probably spent more time and energy thinking of and acquiring new gear as creating and playing in 2020. My goal for this year is to commit to a simple somewhat complete track every week to come back to where it's at: my ever renewed love for music.
I also hope to gain some skills into the uncharted territory of recording and using a DAW.

Thanks @onezero for setting this up.