Added a planet model and another spaceship to the environment.

Finished the intro.

More submissions by Kristian Kronstrand for Make games.

  • Added fade transitions to scenes.
  • Made new small scene (credits to twin 97 from Blend Swap)

Added another model from Blend swap, made by WangMandingo.

Found some good music for the soundtrack.

Experiemented with the opening scene.

Wrote some loose dialogues (Which I probably won't end up using)

Thinking about making a chat bot to accompany the player in outer space.

Thinking about making an exploration game set in outer space.

I found a space ship on blendswap and decimated the parts, and a skybox in the unity assetstore to get an idea about the visual style.

The skybox is by Bright Shining Star and spaceship model by thecali (Blend Swap).

Make games.

Work on some aspect of a game, let's say 5 days a week.

daily from 2015-01-25 to 2016-01-25