Tried playing through this Japanese game called Sakura Note. Couldn't really read everything, but got a vague sense of what was going on for the first 5 minutes.

NeithR · 5 years ago

I haven't played the game, but is the old man offering help?

(I was able to understand some of the text, but little.)

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Try the Japanese article for fun!

After coming across 応援「おうえん」in my Wanikani lessons, I decided to look off into this word since it reminded me of the title of this rhythm Elite-Beat-style game --> 押忍!闘え!応援団おす!たたかえ!おうえんだん」

An ōendan (応援団?), literally "cheering squad" or "cheering section",[1] is a Japanese sports rallying team similar in purpose to a cheerleading squad in the United States,[2] but relies more on making a lot of noise with taiko drums, blowing horns and other items, waving flags and banners, and yelling through plastic megaphones[3][4] in support of their sports team than on acrobatic moves (though some ōendan incorporate pom-pom girls). In addition to cheering for their own teams, ōendan have been known to lead fans in cheers which tease and taunt the other team and its fans.[4] This is usually done in the spirit of good competition, but occasional fights have broken out if the taunting gets too heated. Smaller ōendan are sometimes calledōenbu (応援部?) (or "cheering clubs").

Meaning "reccommendation" and with する, "to reccommend." Learned this gem of a word from Japanese friend.


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