it's global game jam time. That means: no time to draw more than 2 or 3 lines, if I want to get any semblance of sleep. Not that anybody would notice which lines got added to this mess...

TheChriggu · 51 days ago

@Rain25 I'm not much of a coffee drinker. But cola... Man, I did drink a lot of that today xD

Rain25 · 51 days ago

im not sure what this one is going to be. a pair of earrings. POWER THRU with the game jam drink the coffee who needs sleep

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only 5 straight lines, and already wrong enough that I don't want to continue today. At least I drew something...

Tomorrow I'll start tackling the final chapter of drawabox. But also: I've just reached 300 days xD

Final wheel of the challenge. Also pretty much the worst. Turns out freehanding a bunch of tilted circles around the same axis at different depths while not fully concentrating is really hard. At least there's no more wheels for a couple of days.

Completely free handed. No ellipse guide, no ruler.

redid the one from yesterday. Some issues with the center, but a lot better.

I give up on this one. It's a fail.

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