Rain25 · 55 days ago

@1000tongues i might give it another go on the hardware ive got with a glove or the piece of paper again. galaxy tab s7 is another option.

or maybe theres 3rd party palm rejection addon app i can install. dunno. ill have to look into it for myself

thanks ---smileemoji----

1000tongues · 55 days ago

@Rain25 yup, Palm rejection can be difficult. Most convertible laptops should be doing a better job than what you're describing (I've had some, and they're never perfect). These drawings are done on a galaxy tab S7, which is by far the best pen screen I've ever used, and does Palm rejection nicely.

Rain25 · 57 days ago

@1000tongues ah i see. i was earlier on wondering how you were getting those shapes. i was thinking you were coloring with one brush and then recoloring over it with another color brush... swapping back and forth between two colors...

but you're using a lasso to fill... much nicer

makes me want to try it out! i have a tablet but i lost the pen i bought for it somewhere in the house... and anyway i never got used to --not being able to rest my hand on the pad screen-- while drawing... but yea... makes me want to try it out! very cool! might check out concepts app one of these days

actually i have whats called an 'all-in-one' laptop i think. so its got a screen that can bend 360 degrees all the way around and then its like a tablet. or you can bend it sort of 90 degrees and have it sitting as a pyramid on a desk and draw with the stylus on it like one is painting i guess. so i tried that and its alright. its just a cheap tablet and cheap stylus.

and if i had it bent all the way round 360 degrees so it was just like a tablet sitting on the desk, it would pick up my hand resting on the screen and think that that was me drawing... so i tried like having a sheet of paper that i would lay on top of the tablet screen, then rest my hand on the paper, and i cant remember this might have reduced almost all of the strokes that my hand was making... but maybe i need to buy one of those gloves that cover your ring and pinky finger. i dont know if that would work with cheap tablet screen though. maybe i need to buy like some kind of proper drawing tablet with a proper drawing pen or something.

so do you draw with your hand resting on the screen or are you like painting on the screen like its a canvas and your hand is floating in the air? wait i mean you must be resting your hand on something... so you have a proper drawing tablet thingo dont you. you have one of those grid things, and you draw on that, and then you have it plugged in to a screen at head height. and then you look at the screen and not your hand while drawing. isnt that the way to go?

idk but you need to stop overthinking things 1000tongues. why are you asking me all of these questions about tablets? whatever it is youre doing, its working. lookin good.

makes me wanna try out some tablet shit

1000tongues · 57 days ago

@Rain25 thank you! It's a fun feature of concepts app, like "lasso-select" colouring

Rain25 · 58 days ago

the solid color shading lookin good

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