Submissions from 2019-03-11 to 2019-03-12 (3 total)

Streak Club has been an immensely powerful arrow in my quiver for these last four years and change, helping me to become a more focused and diligent artist. I have not missed a day of study in the last 1500 days, and though we did not exchange comments very often, seeing everyone else working has been a joy and a privilege.
Though I am not leaving Streak Club, I am going to conclude my posting to this Daily Art Streak. I wanted to finish 100 figures one last time for everyone, but the whole point of this thing was to learn to treat myself more humanely!
I am going to be launching my Patreon in the near future. I'll share the scripts and other utilities I made to help make this run possible, and probably other things. I'm still figuring it out!

Until next time, Onward, everyone!