Submissions from 2015-09-28 to 2015-10-05 (4 total)

I was inspired by magical girl transformation sequences, where they get to be naked and a planet

Princess mercury always has to protect her dumb little brother & his dumb space cat (she loves them anyway)

This is definitely the largest piece of pixel art I've done. My canvas size was 32x64, although the final product was a bit smaller. I'm used to working with 8x16 where I have to take advantage of everything that I've got to work with, so I felt a little strange not using everything here.

For her design, I was inspired by the Roman god of the same name, so I wanted to give her the (not so) tiny wings on her head and feet. I also wanted to reflect the element mercury with her bright, shiny hair and dress.

Actual size: 32x56
Palette: Atari 2600

My plan for the challenge is to use the colours/motifs and transformation/attack sequence poses from the respective planets' Sailor Scouts. I get hung up most on anatomy in my art, so using a dynamic reference pose will take away that anxiety and give a nod to the senshi themselves!

The two western Zodiac signs under Mercury as featured as constellations in the background and she gets a powerful royal sleeveless plugsuit because in my head Ami Mizuno and Rei Ayanami use the same shade to dye their hair in space. ♥

Tumblr post with process gif! ~