Submissions from 2021-09-20 to 2021-09-27 (8 total)

I took the track from a couple of weeks and worked on it.

Buying a minilogue xd about 2 years ago was the reason I came back to playing music but I'd never used it in a track until this week. I gave it go today and this week's piece turned out just like what I imagined I'd play if I got a synth back then: some sort of arpeggiated saw synthwave-ish tune. All synth sounds are from the minilogue xd, drums samples are from Wavparty. It was tedious but I had a good time putting this together.

High quality on Soundcloud:

The name has nothing to do with the song, I gave myself 5 minutes and this is the best I could come up with.

This is an edited and arranged part from the solo livestream I did last Tuesday.

As always, high quality on Soundcloud:
And the stream itself: Remixed (and fixed) full audio:

a quick one because I was focused on some other projects this week

Continuing on my acoustic guitar experiments in DADGAD tuning with another simple track. Only a miked acoustic, no DI this time. A main guitar track and two percussion tracks made of tapping on the guitar body itself. Added a couple of synth tracks and some effects. Synth is the Odin synth plugin, DAW is as usual Mixbus. This track is about not forgetting where you come from.

This started with sound-designing an Arturia Microfreak patch to sound more like a classic analogue synth, creating all sorts of minute imperfections in pitch, cutoff etc. Liking the sound I then layered some electric guitar and drums going a bit towards a Pink Floyd vibe, although perhaps less bluesy but with a post-rock influence especially towards the end.

This week I wanted to explore the dynamic range of a track and how compression affects that, etc. Consider yourself warned on this one and go easy on the speaker or volume if you check this track as there as some sudden volume peaks!

It started on Friday night/Saturday without much inspiration, and the chord progressions or melodies are extremely uninteresting but I had fun playing with synth and finding some interesting textures and sounds to make that track somewhat interesting. I kinda like it in the end.

I'd done some rhythmic composition with guitar and bass, didn't seem that interesting. So Sunday evening I did a few improvisations with home-built Res-O-Glas guitar, Moyo passive volume, and my eight-delay Max/MSP patch with Hainbach's Wires (for grit and warble) and convolution reverb. I recorded that to the drive, and brought it into Ableton for fixing levels a bit.

Title this week refers to NGC 90, a spiral galaxy interacting with NGC 93 to form the galaxy pair Arp 65.