Submissions from 2021-08-23 to 2021-08-30 (9 total)

Another one that was a bit rushed. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of serum now. Also, I'd especially welcome any feedback on mixing for this one :)

All sounds and patterns made on the Digitone. Played live and recorded in Ableton where I tweaked some parts a bit and added effects.

Soundcloud for better audio:

Back to acoustic guitar this week. This is a one take improvisation in DADGAD tuning over a track of field recording of this evening outside my new home (with extra owls for Twin Peaks fans, the owls were not actually in the recording).

Just a quick one from a longer jam session. I was on the road so I did not have time to work on it too much.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Being far away from my instruments, in a hotel room with just an iPad around and rain outside. Surely no chance to do a track, is it? Well, I surprised myself into actually managing it...

In the late 80s/early 90s, Tsui Hark became a very famous filmmaker in the West with the success of his Chinese Ghost Story movies. Mixing traditional Chinese atmosphere, humor, mysterious horror, and romance, they are classic, especially the first one. And fortunately, they are on some streaming services, at least where I live. Rediscovering the movies made me want to play around with the horror atmosphere and traditional Chinese instruments.

The strings are a Guzheng, using several note samples and getting them into Directwave. The drums are Japanese taikos. This is mixed with some violins samples, and xylophone and bells. The drums might be a bit too much for the mysterious vibe I was going after, and I am not satisfied with the melodies used for the Guzheng. I like how they feel strange and slightly eery, but I don't like that I was not able to reproduce the type of melodies that are typically played on a Guzheng. This sounds more like a weird piano played on a stringed instrument. But this is a step in the right direction.

Anyway, I had some fun making this track. :)

I performed live for Modular On The Spot at a Community Center on August 28. Great audience, had a decent crowd size, and I received a number of compliments on the set afterward.

Edit: I managed to get the file uploaded. The set is about 20 minutes long, so be aware that it's rather long for a Weekly Music submission.

Original text:

I am rather busy tomorrow so I do not know if I can extract audio by tomorrow, so I'm going to post the video below as a placeholder and hopefully get back to editing it by deadline tomorrow.

The show itself starts around 8m 30s in and it runs for about 15m. (tomorrow when I'm less tired I'll try to get audio and a timestamp)

This one's a bit of a departure: just five tracks of Univox Effie in Fahey C tuning (dropped to B), three of which go through the Montreal Assembly Count to Five.

There are two sends, both convolution reverbs (one of which has low-end rolloff with Auto-Filter). One track has that same in-line high-pass, and three of them have auto-pan. There's an audio effect rack with the Wide & Warm preset on the output buss.

The title comes from the device number of the lockout relay--86--which may be the source of using 86 as a slang term for canceling something.