Submissions from 2015-07-27 to 2015-07-28 (3 total)

A submission for Make games. 184

Started setting up a test scene for sneaking around an npc. Also planned what his behavior should look like.

Oh hi

A submission for Make games. 184

I broke my streak last week, after 110 days of daily submissions. My family is going through some crap and I just didn't have the strength to work on a game last Wednesday. Since then, I've felt like shit about breaking this streak and I've struggled with finding the will to post again and deal with personal crap.

But I'm back now, and it feels good to post again. I added the logic necessary for me to move units around.

Messed with my exploding sprites code to allow sprites to teleport. There is an explody teleport and a more linear one.

Also, made a pixel orc. He is the one teleporting.