Submissions from 2015-07-23 to 2015-07-24 (3 total)

A submission for Make games. 180

Got the scene loading init scene set up. There is an npc in the init scene that you talk to, and you tell him which test scene you want to load through a game conversation. I have to edit more files than I would like to do something simple like this... but it's cool I could do it without any engine-level code! Process:

  • Add npc object to map in tiled
  • Create a character definition in characters.json
  • Give the character a default greeting conversation in the responses section of characters.json
  • Add a conversation script for that default greeting in conversations.json. Each response to this npc is set up to trigger a different event for loading a map
  • For each of those responses, create the event in events.json with the correct map loading trigger

Some quick improvements I can see are to be able to trigger the scene load inside the conversation without having to go through events; and possibly skipping the default greeting or moving that into the character definition. Although it's nice to be able to give a default conversation to multiple npcs at once through the responses section. Hmm.

Not having to create a character definition for basic npcs might be a good idea as well (having some default settings).

But I guess ultimately flexibility is good. Now that I have the process documented I will get better at it.

I spent today finishing off stuff to make levels with. Tomorrow is level making time!

I also played with my shader a bit

I made some changes to my crawlers. They still follow the same 6 rules as before, but I changed it so now turning and backtracking along a path no longer take up the crawlers "step", so now they all find alternate paths much faster. This was a design choice the first time, but I like it more now.

I also got rid of the hard coded step distance, so now crawlers can move any number of spaces in a step instead of just 2. I used 2 so the paths are spaced apart, but there is no reason they have to be. So now I could do a very inefficient flood fill with crawlers.

Crawlers can now change the color of the trails they leave behind.

The mouse can now spawn crawlers too. Which lets you do cool stuff.

You can play with Crawlers yourself here.