Submissions from 2015-07-20 to 2015-07-21 (4 total)

A submission for Make games. 177

Implemented teams! And yes I'm doing everything in code and I have no graphics. What could possibly go wrong.

Per Nico's suggestion, made the normal map in the same scale as the sprite. It definitely looks better, but not what I was hoping for.

Made a little thing today. Gonna maybe work on it more tomorrow.

A submission for Make games. 177

Project Management Monday:

Took a look at my story outline for the game. It was verrrrry light, and I was focusing a bit too much on the individual levels before actually figuring out what each act of the story was ABOUT. Writing a story is always tough for me as it can be approached from so many different angles (character, setting, scenes, acts, plot arcs, you name it). It always ends up with me burning the candle from both ends and hoping it meets in the middle, but also always involves the wind continually blowing the candle out. I've come up with an overview of Act 1 that I actually really like and gives me the right direction for dividing it up into game scenes. I don't know which parts will be a cutscene/backstory, and which parts will be game elements yet. I think I will continue fleshing out the other acts first.

When i get home, I plan to finish the level select screen for debug purposes that I started last week. First test scene is going to be a scenario where you have to go steal something from someone's room while they wander around and throw you out if they see you. Considering of anything that resembles "gameplay" in this thing, sneaking is pretty high on the list.

Note that I will not be actually perfecting this gameplay tonight, just setting up the pieces that should exist already so that I can later play with it.