Submissions from 2015-07-17 to 2015-07-18 (2 total)


A submission for Make games. 174

I didn't feel like working on the editor today, so instead I decided to design a game-agnostic turn-based game loop. It's an interesting problem and I'm excited to mess with an implementation. I'm also having a very hard time not jumping into the Pico-8 frenzy and making a tiny game.

I was going to make a game for Indies vs Gamers. It was going to be a Warioware type game called King of the Arcade, where you play a series of mini games representing old school arcade games at increasing speeds. The goal would be to complete as many as possible before missing three or something. One of those games was going to be Mortal Wombats where you have a limited amount of time to input the finisher in. Here's some of the concept art.