Submissions from 2015-07-07 to 2015-07-08 (2 total)

A submission for Make games. 164

Multi-bed struggle continueth.

Edit: Solved the issue with multiple beds. Silliest mistake ever. Every bed had a list property containing the characters who are in the bed (with the constraint that only one person can fit in these beds at once - future larger objects may use the same method to store multiple characters. I digress). Anywho. Apparently my code that was loading the item settings from the json file was not ensuring that each item instance had it's own set of properties. So this list was shared between all the beds! The ai code etc was working, it's just that once one of the beds was "full", they all were.

A submission for Make games. 164

Tiny bit more UI done, as well as a lot of prep for hooking up the wave editor to the levels editor. It'll make sense once it's complete, I promise.

Edit: this gif is oddly satisfying.