Submissions from 2015-06-30 to 2015-07-01 (2 total)

Did about 4h of work on the editor today. I eventually hit a point where i'm not sure i'm doing things the right way.

I originally thought of having an in-game level editor, but I'd have to handle user i/o and I don't really want the players to create levels. It's more of a tool for me to develop content, so I'm going to need to redesign some of my save/load system.

Another potential issue is that I eventually want to save/load into the Resources folder of Unity, but that folder is read-only at runtime. I can still save stuff to it, but it won't show up until i rebuild the scene. I may get around that with good resource management, but it's still counter-intuitive.

I spent a lot of time working on the game today however not as much to show for it as a lot of my time was spent on fixing a massive bug that somehow went unnoticed yesterday. Essentially what happened was that I forgot to add (or accidentally removed at some point) a condition in an if statement that made the operation seat set it's "inUse" bool to false. This means that patients can use it when they are called upon. However since the condition was missing it made only the first operation seat bool false, meaning that it worked as expected only for the first floor and none above that. It was the fact that it worked fine on one floor that threw me off and had me barking up the wrong tree in search of the fix for hours on end.

Regardless, I still managed to make progress today as I added stairs to the game, meaning that the patients don't just teleport to their floor anymore. Sadly I didn't make a start on anything else due to the bug, but atleast I got it fixed today so that I can work on other things.

No screenshot/webm today as it looks pretty much the same from the players perspective. Maybe tomorrow.

Update Details:

  • Added stairs so that the patients don't teleport to their floor
  • Fixed a massive bug that somehow went unnoticed for 2 days

Tomorrows Planned Update:

  • Add at least 1 more minigame
  • Get a start on the art