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apple, would you mind not just changing up web standards when you feel like it, without any way out? thanks man I appreciate it.

The wave serialization is functional. I'm now able to save wave data, with ships and their path. It's not very fun to work on, but it's a required step before I create content.

Got a lot more done today than I expected at the time of stopping yesterday. Managed to not only fix the multiple floor issue but also added a lot of details to the "Tower Editor" mode that the player will start the game in. Currently you can only add 2 floor types, a Dentist and an Opticians, but with the way that it works means that adding more will be very little effort. I also made it so that patients go to the correct floor depending on where their "operation" is. For example the patients that need teeth removed will go to the dentists waiting room and not the opticians.

The one problem left with this part of the game is that patients simply teleport to their seats if their waiting room is on a floor other than the first one. This shouldn't be too much of a problem to fix tomorrow as I already have the properties and I would assume I just need to add in some stairs to get them to their floor.

I'm making progress a lot faster than I thought I would with this game. The way it is looking, after tomorrow the only thing left to do gameplay wise will be to add in all of the minigames and tweak things like spawn rates of patients. Other than that all that will be left is the art, which I will no doubt spend twice the time I spend coding on. Hopefully that will make it descent looking atleast.

Update Details:

  • Fixed up the "Tower Editor" (The game now has the potential for unlimited floors!)
  • Added a camera that means 2 floors are shown on screen at a time
  • Slightly changed the way patients are handled in order to make adding more operation types easier
  • Fixed many bugs along the way
  • Added a screenshot, in all it's placeholder glory

Tomorrows Planned Update:

  • Add stairs so that the patients does not teleport to their waiting room
  • Add at least 1 more minigame
  • Get a start on the art