Submissions from 2015-05-10 to 2015-05-11 (5 total)

A submission for Make games. 106

Still with the Internet problems...

Did some work to edit the mybacklog data format to support multiple 'launch' commands for each game. Previously there was an exe field for all games even though steam doesn't launch with exes.

Another issue was the steam and gog entries for a game (or gog and humblebundle entries) had to be stored as separate games in the database. I want to move to a model where there is only one entry, but with info about all the sites you purchased it and how to run each copy.

Multiple launch options also allows, say, choosing to launch an unmodded or modded copy, using an alternate exe for a steam game, etc.

Unfortunately the old style is all through the code, so refactor is incomplete.

Still working on flocking behaviors and level generation, apparently these are much larger tasks than I initially thought. Oh well, I'll just keep on truckin'.

A submission for Make games. 106

Added AI to enemy. Now follows the player and attacks him.

Still working on the physics, it’s starting to look great, I think I’m nearly finished with that part. :)

I also did a quick setup for live coding, which really helped me tweak the above, and will probably be great in the long run.

I experimented with something I've been wanted to do for a little bit. Before today, the player was not affected by the speed of the platforms, which meant that if the platforms moved faster, the player would jump higher. It worked for my purposes, because it made it more dangerous to go in the top half of the screen (the platforms move faster there), but it was also a little weird.

Today, I changed that so that the player is translated downward at the same speed as the platforms. I was expecting it to feel terrible, but it is actually much better. I'll have to tweak the jump acceleration a little bit, but the player now stays within the camera space most of the time.

In short, never stop fucking with your mechanics :D