Submissions from 2015-04-14 to 2015-04-15 (5 total)

Worked on textbox layering - it's possible to view multiple textboxes at once, if you are in a conversation and walk in range of a different one. Design-wise, this isn't quite what I want. The intention is for there to only be one conversation on screen at a time. But in lieu of enforcing that design constraint, I've made it so that only the textbox for the nearest conversation is visible.

Fixed the weapon shot offset bug. Didn't do much else, since I'm really tired today. I'm going to get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

Slow Day

A submission for Make games. 80

Today, I updated the equipment rack sprites to give them the same aesthetic as the rest of the buildings. They now fit in a lot better.

I started drawing textures but that was painful and since I'm only making smallish 2D sprites I think I can get away with basic materials and procedural textures (like the camo texture here). Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this result for now and I think I'll follow this process for at least the next few buildings I need to make.

Spent an hour learning how to unpack UV's in Blender. I'm not sure I wanted to know now...