Submissions from 2015-04-05 to 2015-04-06 (5 total)

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Been away for a week, home now. Hoping to get back to work in the next couple days. Missed a lot so I don't have time to look individually but everything's looking good, glad everyone kept it up!(:

This is game I made especially to test my art style in a game.

Actually, it is already finished.

Short update again: implemented actually placing building with the new UI. I will make this look more hologram-y and intuitive in a future update. For now, I just needed to get it working again.

Working on some mechanics for once!

The game will feature multiple controllable characters that you switch between.. In the pictures you can see how one alien can activate a machine and the other can carry stuff.. COooooooool!

Needs a bunch of tweaking of course but this is a really good start! :D

(The last gif is just because I'm so in love with the bubble pop animation hahaha <3 )

Well, it took 3 days, but here it is: a basic javascript 3D engine

It's got kinda everything i'll ever need: matrices, pseudo-perspective and orthogonal projections, different render modes(i'm not sure they're called that): points, lines, line chains, line loops, triangle strips, triangles, triangle fans and more.

I haven't optimised anything, so it's pretty slow at times, but mostly 30-60fps (in the gif it's lagging because of the capture software, not the engine).

All in all, i kinda like it