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A submission for Make games. 82

Got the basic gameflow going, with the very exciting title and game-over menus implemented.

I also wrote the player controller (it's at around 90% finished) and implemented spawning moving platforms. I can't wait to post a ton of gifs, but I'd like to wait until the game is further developed.

Short update again: implemented actually placing building with the new UI. I will make this look more hologram-y and intuitive in a future update. For now, I just needed to get it working again.

Note to self: stick to this.

Last weekend, I made a game in 48 hours. It's called Bizarre Harvest Conspiracy, and it's a 2D Sidescrolling Farming Survival Simulatorâ„¢. It's inspired by Noio's Kingdom and the Game Name simulator. I am pretty happy with how far I got for the jam, but it obviously needs improvements. Lots of UI and balancing work must be done.

Today, I started reworking the Build menu. In the jam version, the user had to press B to open the menu, then use 1-9 to select items, and Backspace/Escape to go back one level, and Enter to build. It worked, but the UX was terrible and non-intuitive (see first gif).

The reworked version still has the user press B to open the menu, and then the navigation is all done with left/right/up/down (both AWSD and arrow keys). The menus are also left-aligned and expand to the right (see second gif).