Submissions from 2015-03-09 to 2015-03-10 (5 total)

Hey, I sat down thinking I was just going to twiddle some tickets and ended up adding a bunch of cool things.

I did twiddle some tickets though :)

I added meat you can eat to regain your endurance. The meat uses the tasks interface. You can fail, making it lose you endurance instead :P Not sure if I will keep this, but the main reason I chose to use tasks for it is because it's the best way I have right now for an action to take time, and eating should totally take time.

I added some birds that fly around and don't collide with things. They are basically just flavor. They currently do land on walls which I may change later.

I added a "drop_item" command for npcs so that I can trigger the setting up the camp scene in the act 1 I've been working on. So now, rather than the tents just starting there, the group will have a conversation about the safest place to set up. I can eventually script it so that after there is a consensus, the people who are carrying the tents will go drop them in the right spot. I'm thinking of having the group walk between two or three different potential spots, and then having a vote - where the player will get one vote. It will be split such that the players vote is actually the deciding one :P

Today I've mostly been coordinating getting SLG's kickstarter stuff.

Reviewing notes, and thinking about how to make the video.

Not too much, mostly administrative.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Decoupling more code and breaking previous scaffolding into scalable objects.

Updated the death screen. More juicy sounds and particles.

This day didn't go as planned. I discovered that the computer wasn't able to upgrade warehouse and barracks and fixed it. While doing that, I found a few bugs that might have been very difficult to track down in later stages of the game, so I think I got pretty lucky with that one. :) I also noticed that in the new header I somehow had missed the section for wood, so I added that one, too. Tomorrow I'm planning to continue improving AI to be able to earn research points and maybe spend them.

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