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I am discovering more and more that I really like working on engines, and have a hard time switching contexts to actually creating content. I haven't slept much lately, and the daylight savings didn't help here, so it was hard to force myself to do anything tonight. The second sprint is not going as well as the first so far. Hopefully I can turn things around soon :(

Anyway, since I am procrastinating on content creation, I added one of the most basic things to the engine that you need to do a game. I added the ability for certain events to switch contexts! (And you thought this entries title wasn't related to the game at all.)

In other words, I can trigger a scene change from an event, which will unload all the existing maps and objects, and load new ones. I won't really need this feature for some time, but you can't make a whole game without it.

Mostly just brainstorming today.

I was thinking of a cookie clicker mixed with a platformer ...


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Added a tutorial to teach players how to play.

Today I worked on AI. It can now win with the population victory. Also fixed one or two bugs. Tomorrow I'm planning to "teach" computer what researches to finish so it can win with the research victory, too. Other improvements in the current AI also need to be done, but those are not that important, so they can wait. :)

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