Submissions from 2015-02-21 to 2015-02-22 (5 total)

So I've started on my 1GAM for feb. I've had a LOT of ideas and a GDD, and it's nice to see all that coming together.

And very quickly I might add, especially with that `bump.lua` tech demo I made earlier.

Here is a scene with planets produced by my universe generator (, the kikito's bump.lua library ( and urraka's texpack (

Then I generated all the classes with my class generator ( which made everything nice and squeaky clean.

Alright! The release date (February 28th) is coming up soon, so I'm wrapping up the game and polishing things up for the rest of development.

That means that some features I hoped to implement will not be in the final game, but I need to stop working on the game at some point!

Anyway, I ironed out some combat bugs today, and began implementing some new enemies.

I don't know how much more I'll be able to use the computer today, so I just made a very small change. I updated the inventory menu to group items with the same name to make it easier to browse through. If I feel better later, I may try to implement another pathing optimization that I've been brainstorming while I sleep through the pain :)

This wasn't a very productive day at all, didn't do too much Crystal Kingdom related stuff. I did study AI and did some drawing, though. That's at least better than nothing. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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Previously, indexed sets of tiles only loaded from specially formatted tile strips, with height equivalent to the tile's height. Now tiles can be loaded from images extending in multiple directions. Mostly back-end stuff, so no pretty pictures today.