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Create a character every day! Focus on making some fun OC that can enter a future illustration, game, song, animation, comic, etc that you create.

Draw a simple sketch or write a simple textual description.

  • Focus on a small, unique number of features
  • Use a character generator to prompt you if needed
  • Create characters that have relationships with your other characters
  • Draw poses, silhouettes, facial expressions, or abilities
  • Draw monsters, warriors, townspeople, leaders, superheroes, and more

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This is how I'm rolling till the summer slow jam is complete.

I don't know why he is posed that way, but there it is.

Storm lady who is one of the rare folks that still practice a lot of magic, and somehow created a small construct of energy. She does have a fire arm if she need something more contemporary.

He might be a gambler rock bro, got a metal arm to make sure you don't run off after the bet. Doodled in about 30 minutes which is a new record!

Hey's got camera drones!

While the Elves themselves dabble with the Rune Tech, most are content to leave the other races to stay in the god's high tech play pen, while they live in realms blessed by nature. Those that do live within the confines of the Great City, have a plant or two as a memento of home. Nothing wrong with a harmless plant... or is there?

Who doesn't love dystopian Blood Sport?! #NeonValkyrie Crazy to think have kept this streak up for 31 days! Thats a monthly challenge down right there!

Futuristic Valkyrie with laser sword, and yellow neon lights.

This is Jaque, a fire giant, and arguably the chef around Bucket Town. His flames maybe a cool blue, but good luck if you manage over cook ANYTHING.

This elf hacker has quite the 'tude. "Just call me Jim, your savage tongues would only butcher my beautiful name." Maybe, maybe not. Not sure how if I want to have snooty elves, but hey it is concept stuff! #Neon Valkyrie

The world maybe a different place of computers, bright neon lights, and advanced weapons that have long replaced the old fashioned sword and shield. Even the job of the valkyrie has evolved from selecting worthy warriors to bring to Valhalla, but at the end of the day they make the call of whose is worthy, and those who are not.

So in my #Neon Valkyrie adventure the party is track down the missing lover of the client. The missing Half-Frost Giant worked at a bar in the Coldest region of Midgarde. This is the Elf woman who runs said bar.

Drew a couple of versions of this scaly critter today. Thought I would do a digital version!

Robo valkyrie?! This is getting tougher day!

Grandfather was part of the last generations that knew the continent surrounded by water, before it was surrounded by stars. He spoke of great monsters that roamed the seas, and he sought them. Before he died he lamented that loss of the oceans, the mystery of the deep. Very few born on Midgard seek leave and explore vastness of space. Those that choose to are to never return. Like my grandfather before me, sailed the open waters, I sail through the stars.

While there is a general law enforcement organization, and a military one that serves the general populace, any Mega Corporation worth their salt has the own private militia for security details...

A frost giant sniper with a white cloak with a loooose avian theme. Starting to flesh out the first area of my adventure in the world of Neon Valkyrie, and its in the snow. Also suuuuper tired, but I did it!

It is said that fools are easily parted with their money, and those convicted of selling cheaply made goods to the wrong buyer is parted with their hand, and exiled into the forest, left to die.
While an exile he is one of the few that have adapted, not only to survive and thrive. Despite having his dominant hand removed, he has been along alive enough to craft with the remaining hand. For his sake, what ever he makes cannot be cheaply made.

Legendary beat maker, rapper, and DJ extraordinaire, RAVE BLADE. Just watched a what to me was a super dark episode of Altered Carbon, and this how I am responding to it. #NeonValkeryie

Another hero from the the time before Yggdrasil floated among the stars, a half storm giant magic user. #NeonValkyrie

She tall, she lean, and imposing in stature, espeically with her bow put together with scales from a great frost wyrm. These next few are decided low tech as they are heroes that adventured long before Ygdrasil was uprooted and tossed into the stars. #NeonValkyrie

Cultist dude in a red cloak. Nothing super fancy, but they are needed for my world building.

Been busy, playing catchup.
In order: Mumblestump, Flexalog, Scocorpion, Fingersprig

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