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Been busy, playing catchup.
In order: Mumblestump, Flexalog, Scocorpion, Fingersprig

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This submission is empty

I’m working on this little rogue/thief/assassin guild game on the side and am not sure what kind of characters will be in it. Wanted to try drawing a barkeep pirate kinda guy, first inspired by Mudou/Murdaw from Dragon Quest and then taking a little bit from Ozzie from Chrono Trigger. Trying to live my best Toriyama life.

Can't figure out how to submit late - I'm still on a streak, just not according to this website. Ah well.

Doodled some maskies. Submitting late after being out all day.

A submission for Daily walk

Forgot to submit yesterday, but walked

Coin baddie in a game - you have to return his coin children to him to unlock achievements! In the next game, he's the main bad guy.

Forgot to submit yesterday but drew him yesterday!

Took out Pokemon Go for the first time in the longest time

A troll, inspired by a "generic enemy portrait" from a game a I saw on an old MacOS a million years ago. Bumpy car doodle.

Listening to Nelward's "Stinky Boy Strut" while drawing chars. Love 'em. Definitely seem like they're in the same world, would love to Doodle Studio them.

"rare egg" and other notes are for another game project I'm working on.

Creepy Onion Lad. I hate his feet - needs work. Comes with multiple facial expressions, drawn quickly at a PIGSquad event.

Little doofy character design inspired by anime & a scavenger hunt I want to design.

Seaweed Trader
Questionable Knight
Undefined Duster
Flying Merchant

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