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C(n) returns the number of weeks for the deadline of the project number n. Why?, because maybe spicing this up will make more fun and efficient to make small game projects, yeah im making games.

C(n) = 1 + floor(1+n/2)%2 + floor(1+n/3)%2 + floor(1+n/7)%2

Yeah, flashy name and math I know... basically it means:

Calculated starting at C(1) we have [1, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3, 3, 4, 1, 2] weeks for each project

Lets do this!

Recent submissions (4 total)

Pitch: Golden Heist is a game about a Cop trying to figuring out which of the attendees is the Thief before he steals from the VIP guests in the Party.

Why: Got a little obsessed with Crawl and had to do something similar and the first thing that crossed my mind (maybe because ive been hanging out a lot with pocketwatch crew) is Cop vs Thief, which led me to Noir, the card game of LvL 99 minigames. After a while I wanted it to be truly shareable so I ended up buying the HTML5 module for game maker.

How to: You need a gamepad (sorry) for the Thief and a mouse Cop (which actually never appears he just points people)

Thief: A: Steal, B: Run (walk faster). Needs to steal 5 of the 6 keys and escape through the door in less than 2 minutes.

Cop: Left Click: Acuse (5 tries), Right Click: Mark (maybe its a suspect), care where you click... you can end up accusing 3 people if they are together.

You can play it here!

EDIT: Updated the link, and critical bug fixes, so much insight this week!

Please leave feedback if you have any!, I really appreciate it. Next game will have 2 weeks deadline.

LEARNING THINGS! ---------------------------------

During this GDC the html5 module was on sale... yeah I bought it. It seems that porting isnt as easy but also isn't as hard!, mostly all of it (98%) worked smoothly, the 2% exploded... a little. HTML5 doesn't like floats where you need integers, check out your integers boys. Suffered a little by watching cool people doing cool stuff, but I hope this fired my passion a little. Play tested it yesterday and nothing worked due HTML5 but I did uploaded to the internet and it was hella easy! can't believe it!, this is the future.

So yeah, the game kinda suck as well as the others... it was harder to think about two different players in the same screen and loosed some focus easily, but it kinda works... i mean, making this little steps make me feel great!, i totally encourage you to fail, its relieving because what I was doing is: think an idea, discuss with friends, do some paper stuff and let it be killed under more papers and disappear in my memories... now I have a system!

Wednesday: Relax day, Searching for a constraint or starter concept like "ridiculous scaling like katamary or cookie clicker" or "deep brainf*** interaction like stanley parable"

Thursday: Relax day? more like write shit on paper day and feel like i accomplished something. Actually this works, keeps the momentum.

Friday: Relax day III? Ok calix, if you did nothing you have today to do something, and if you did something this is the day to actually dont feel shit about doing nothing so do something!. So i start with more concepts but tech side like what should be coded and how the classes interact, or directly code that.

Saturday: Code stuff

Sunday: Finishing the code stuff

Monday: Freak out nothing works day, bug fixes or play testing or whatever... more like buffer day.

Tuesday: Release day!, I can brag about or fix bugs... but if they exists I would probably call this a failure and let them go and count this as a failure. As long as I feel I'm learning new things, it's not a failure. Also I have 4 games now, they are shitty but I HAVE THEM and people can play them* (disclosure) so I'm proud of that.

I still have to figure out how this will work with f(n) > 1 weeks, the C(3) with 3 weeks was a disaster LOL... but I learned that I cant be confident about anything, so I will test this new knowledge too on the next iteration (2 weeks) which hopefully wont be as disastrous as C(3) but will have the chance to use its knowledge... because its no one week.

Anyways... thanks for reading! follow me on twitter if you want to comment stuff! I'm always open to discussions! :D


--- This is what I tried to accomplish, aka the first blog post about the idea ---

Pitch: 10EGUN is a 2d arcade shooter about fighting monsters with guns with both increasing exponentially in size and mass destruction.

The idea is for a [ridicuous] scaling game, like how katamary damacy scales quickly, also like cookie clicker but this time is for a shooter. You start shooting blobs and then bigger enemies appear but you get even more powerful weapons and the window starts zooming out so you end up with the world with the size of a pixel.

Scope: Like 10 transformations, always escalating outside

--- This is what I posted in between 2nd and 3rd week ---

--- And last day of the Iteration 3 i decided to post stuff ---

Ok so, I didnt finished!! its a cool view tho, but i just messed up my times.

Learning + complains and tears:

I did had the first spare time (before weekend) to ideate the whole stuff and I came with the game idea: ridiculous scaling as in Katamari but with lots of shooting, the concept was to scale out more and more being a regular guy shooting and scaling in size to island, mountains, worlds, galaxies etc.

So the first weekend i made some code to enable that unstoppable scaling and it was hard, and i made some assets that were shit and i was kinda ok with using them idk why. Anyways the second week i planned the "script", first you have a gun then a bazooka then a tank, then it morphs into a giant laser cannon, then a flower laser canon, then a giga flower ... etc you get it, that was in the second week weekdays and when I got to the only time I could code hard... i did nothing... NOTHING and i lost tons of time with different things, yeah i had some stuff to do but not to use the whole Friday Saturday and Sunday. Feeling like garbage while Adriel was telling the love about the train jam... and I felt so useless... thinking "I will never loose this curse". So in this last weekend I made this progress, ended up with something that seems cool but actually its not a game. Ive been pixelarting sometimes and a friend of mine thought me that my "game" looks cool, so yeah some props but still shit. The idea of scaling itself looks cool and some of the animations made it look a little cooler (at first I wasnt going to include any of it maybe i could have ended the game without them but its part of the feeling of "WOHA ZOOMING OUT MORE?"). But anyways, im a piece of garbage im going to feel down a little bit because everyone is at GDC and here only able to look through the window for the people having fun (the twitter metaphorical window). But hey, im trying at least isnt it?


If you play ... enjoy! it crashes when you reach the gun hand and upgrade... also use the E to accelerate the upgrades. You use the mouse to shoot and wasd (sometimes) to move

1 download

This game is about a playful god in battle with a little village protected by a powerful mage who is in charge of keeping the god sealed. You play as the god with regularly unlimited power to move and hit but then get to fight the powerful mage the only one capable of sealing you.

Mouse God - Moves with mouse, clicks on people means points and crushes magic, can drag and throw stuff, teleport (pause) and apear once in a while.

Mage - Slowly charge magic that makes it easier to seal you, magics that nullify your powers, blocks your moves, catch you while teleporting.

People - Afraid of god, praises to support mage magic, runs and escapes

Each pray gives one glyph to the mage, when mage tries to seal uses all the glyphs to keep you on a same spot and after a channeling if you are still in that place you get sealed. Each glyph blocks the way out.

Edit: Not enough time for all this... new motto:

[The Summoner] is a game about being kicked out of a Pocket God game

By dividing from Wednesdays my plan is to start on ideas Wednesday & Thursday, implementation on weekend, buffer Monday and release Tuesdays.

Means that I need the idea and design so:

C[1] - Spaceship universe

You are a spaceship against more and more simple enemies, when you play again the same ship you used (well at least the name will appear) show as an ally, the original idea needs to save the inputs but im not doing that. Once you lose the menu appears, the menu has only a "play" and thats it!, oh also you have 10 ammo and a single missile, also your allies. Thats it!, here is the game:

Saceship11 is a game about an impossible spaceship fight where each of your previous gameplays helps you to win the war against the alien invasion by defeating their mother ship.