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OpenGL is a massive monster of an API but it's excellent for writing cross platform 3D games, engines, applications, etc. Spending some time each day to get more familiar with it will go a long way to making your next 3D game. Good luck!

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It took me a bit of poking around, but I basically have some perspective projection going on so it's almost like it's really 3D!

Matrix math and 3D graphics are way outside of my world of knowledge, so it has been slow going. Also fun.

Check it out

I've come to realize that this book isn't great for step-by-step learning. Either that, or I suck at learning the way the book presents the material. I feel like there is a lot of missing code and explanations and I spend most of my time trying to figure out wtf just happened.

After I finished chapter 3 and moved along to chapter 4, I started to realize that the book feels more like a big reference manual than a tutorial. There is nothing wrong with that and I found a decent set of tutorials I can follow along online while I also have the book on standby to explain any of the gory details. Check out what I'm using

So, I've started reading through the infamous "Redbook" and chapter 1 is officially behind me. It has been pretty slow going so far, mainly because this thing is tough to learn in general, but also because I'm writing code that needs to be compatible with older versions because I want to support as many platforms as possible. The book I have is about Version 4.3, but I've been alright getting around that so far.